View From The Bay – Numbah Two! Feng Shui with Lisa Quinn and Sandy

Hey Grrls! Can I tell you one thing? I’m in LOVE with Lisa Quinn (host) and David Corona (cameraman). I am honored to have been asked to come back to View From The Bay (ABC) to chat about another portion of my book – on feng shui. As you know, I’ve done two podcasts on […]

Podcast 10: Feng Shui and Energy Re-Alignment In Your Home

In Episode 4 we discussed Feng Shui as a method for ordering your life and how your life can be diagnosed as being out of balance using Feng Shui techniques. In this Episode Sandy runs through the mechanics for doing a Feng Shui clearing and energy realignment on your home. These two podcasts expand upon […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

This “Coffee Chat” podcast is with Eve Abbott of She has graciously offered that if you visit her website and purchase her book, tell her that you found out about her here, and she will send you an autographed book and another free goodie! (NOTE: I don’t get any “kickbacks” from any of these […]

NPR Story of the Day: The Feng Shui Makeover for McDonald’s

One of my readers sent this link to me — and you thought I was the only one harping on feng shui!?  The restaurant’s owners say “the designs are aimed at creating a soothing setting that will encourage diners to linger over their burgers and fries, and come back again.” It has waterfalls, red accents […]

Podcast 4: Feng Shui — My Favorite Ordering Method After The Clutter is Gone!

Click here for a printable Bagua map (from I know it’s difficult to “imagine” the bagua square just from my talking about it, so this should help. I tried to find one I could insert here — but most of the ones that are available on the internet are “Magnetic School” and more difficult […]