SendOutCards: Your “Plan B” For Residual, Cashflow Income

Turn Good Intentions Into Actual, Physical Mail
While Working In Your Spare Time Towards Quitting Your Job!

Bond Grrl in jumpsuitSendOutCards is an amazing resource, both Personally and Professionally. It takes those good intentions we all have and turns them into real mail, because no one ever went to their mailbox and opened up a Good Intention! SendOutCards makes it really happen, despite how busy and fast-moving your world is. Which of course is why a real physical card is more valued than ever. I love the way SOC takes the cold, hard, impersonal computer that we are all so dependent upon today, and brings it clear around to a warm, old-fashioned physical piece of mail in someone’s hand, in a beautiful circle of caring.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

So who am I? I’m Sandy Shepard. I’m a successful lawyer, an acclaimed author and podcaster, and an international speaker. I joined SendOutCards originally as a marketing and “relationship management” vehicle. Sure,I knew it’d be great for both my personal and business relationships  if I could personally hand write and send a gorgeous greeting card every time I thought of it… For a referral (maybe with a thank you Starbucks card!)… Or because I just found out a co-worker’s mother is sick… Or to the wait staff who takes care of me at my favorite restaurant. But come on. How many of us have had a purchased card sitting on our desk well past the “deadline” – because we’re waiting on a stamp, or our hand hurts, or we accidentally spilled our coffee on it, or…?

So, I Became A SendOutCards Distributor – Sort Of.

Well, I knew I wanted to use the system myself, but I also decided to pay a bit extra and become a SOC “Independent Distributor.” If I signed one person like me, I would make back that money more that double. So why not? I worked that business part time, in and around my other work and my family. I would show folks who received a card or gift from me and were intrigued how to do it themselves. In fact, I wound up making enough to pay for the entire perpetual license to use the SOC system (you only pay that one time), plus that small distributorship amount, PLUS the amount for all the cards and gifts I wanted to send, and then some! But it still wasn’t until quite recently that I realized how important this business is for anyone who needs a Plan B.

…And Then I Got Sick.

I had to have some emergency surgery and was flat on my back for three weeks recently. Was I able to do legal work? Nope. Could I do speaking engagements? Nope. But the checks from SendOutCards kept coming in – and that really changed my focus bigtime.

I once read that the definition of Wealth = How many months you and your family could continue to live your current lifestyle, if you (and your spouse/life partner) stopped working your “job” right now.

With a business like SendOutCards, you can use it to show gratitude, you can use it as a marketing vehicle and relationship management system for your “job”…but you can also use it to build that Plan B residual cashflow as you build a team of folks who use the system “under” you. What other business could you start that wouldn’t infringe upon your Time at your job or with your family? A juice biz? Makeup? Vitamins? With a SendOutCards business, you….send out cards! Send out gifts! You’re doing something you know that you should be doing anyway. And your free website is on the back of each greeting card, with a website that allows you to share the opportunity with others easily.

Read This Far? Want To Check It Out? Be My Guest!

In fact,  my Send Out Cards website is under this link. Try out the site on me – yes, I will be paying for you to send your first couple of cards, including the (real, not metered) stamps. The Founder of the Company, Kody Bateman, will walk you through it  under the number (2). If you like that, let me know and we can go through the “Picture Plus” demonstration, and send a card into which you have uploaded your own photographs!  Yes – all on me.And even with a ton of photos inside/outside the card, it’s costing less than a dollar. Make sure you have your speakers on, or you won’t be able to hear Kody! If you click on (1) you will get the story of how SendOutCards started, and how it can change your life, one card at a time. It also explains the business opportunity.

Be The Person You Want To Be…With SendOutCards!

I can’t believe what a boon SendOutCards has been to all levels of my relationships. My clients are gushing about the gifts (especially the brownies with the chocolate chips and shavings on top!). I have sent friends pick-me-up cards, with a $5 Starbucks card to buy them a cup of Joe “on me”; I have sent cards for Holidays (Every holiday is in the SOC library of over 15,000 cards!), New Babies, New Marriages, New Puppies, Beating Cancer, “Girls Only” Cards, Loss Of Loved Ones (including pets)… You name it, SendOutCards has it. Not only that, it will prompt you via email 10 days before a Birthday or Anniversary is coming so you can send out a card, and you can set up Card Campaigns for your business that get sent automatically. The fact that my account also retains a copy of every card that I send (and what I said) is a fabulous boon.

Act On Your Promptings Quickly And Easily.

Finally, I am picky, picky, picky about card quality. Ialso really appreciate that these glossy, “Hallmark quality” cards are made with recycled paper and soy ink (and printed, stamped, stuffed and mailed for me for just about a dollar!) This grass roots company is run by folks who really care. Kody feels that if you are prompted to contact someone, it should be easy to pick a card (any card!) fromthe  thousands and thousands available, then get it out with your own heartfelt message – in your own handwriting, if you desire,or with one of hundreds of gifts.

In sum, sending a card shows appreciation, love, and acknowledgement – and which of our friends, relatives, clients, customers (or even bosses!) couldn’t use a wee bit more of that!

My Information Is Here If This Sounds Good To You, Or You’d Just Like To Discuss The Opportunity.

If you’ve gotten this far – give me a call or drop me a line. My phone number is 415-937-1063 and my email is yourcardshark [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to help you do all the things that are listed on my car magnets!!

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