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If you really want to learn to harness your core strength as a woman, this book is a must-read. Using the James Bond motif as a model, eminently readable and entertaining, and filled with inspiring quotes from everyone from Eleanor Roosevelt to Henry David Thoreau, this book will help you make a quantum shift in your life. Covering diverse topics from sex to food to work to parenting, Sandy brings a unique passion and energy to this book that is infectious. This, plus her unique experience as a writer, coach, business person, and successful Bond Girl allow her to know from whence she speaks! This book should be your first stop on the road to empowerment. Your world will be shaken, not stirred.

Nancy Levine, Berkeley, California

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  1. The book certainly looks good (iTunes version, in case you’re curious). I plan on getting it when the budget allows. I had a thought: Monsanto (giant corporation which likes to play God) seems to be trying to rule the world. Failing MISERABLY, according to news reports of all the judges ruling against them, but trying all the same. Does that give them Bond villain status? ????

  2. Yup, I would COMPLETELY put Monsanto into the Bond Villain camp. Especially when their lawsuits sound like something “made up” for a Bond plot – suing the tiny farmers because their patented soy DNA pollen “floated over” and pollinated the tiny farmer’s crops…? I mean, HONESTLY, you just can’t make this sort of stuff up! :-)

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