BONUS VIDEO PODCAST: The Bond Girl and the Bartender…

Join Mr. Martini and Solitaire for a quick video on how to mix a cosmo first the bartender way and then the Bond Girl way

We did it!  Mr. Martini from Behind The Bar Show and I met (accidentally, believe it or not!) in a bar in San Francisco now about eight months or so ago. I had been a fan, and was in that bar because he had recommended it, and then… well, if you’re curious, you can listen to the story here. First, we became fast “podcast friends,” then actual Real Life Friends.  (I bet there is some sort of web acronym for that, but I’m afraid I don’t know it — Comment, and clue me in!)

Last weekend, we got together and did this video podcast for you, showing The Bond Girl Way vis-a-vis the Bartender Way to make a cosmo. We had so much fun, it wound up running 53 minutes! No… this download is not that big, never fear!

Now is the time to send us email to beg us for the outtake tape. We had some things that were so funny, they still make me laugh looking at the video for the zillionth time. Go tell Mr. Martini that you want him to post that, too *smile*  I’m Ms. Non-Technology and so it’s all him, all the time.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

P.S.:  If you are curious, the outfit that I’m wearing is by Nicacelly — it’s all recycled/organic and the yummiest, softest outfit you have ever worn!