BONUS VIDEO PODCAST: The Bartender and the Bond Girl on How to Pack in 15 Minutes for a 3 Week Trip…and Mojitos!

This is the 3rd of a 3-part vodcast series done with Mr. Martini ( The first was in celebration of the Kentucky Derby – we made a mint julep and discussed Da Horses. The second took the bourbon from the julep to create an Old Fashioned, and discussed “old fashioned” subjects such as etiquette, manners, language, listening, and having a signature cocktail without being branded High Maintenance.

In this vodcast, we take the mint from the julep and create a Mojito, and as the Mojito reminds us of travel (Cuba might open up any time now!), we discuss:

*  How Sandy packed in 15 minutes for a 3 week honeymoon;

*  Picking and packing in a “base” color, intelligently;

*  Getting around every woman’s Achilles heel (as it were) – Shoes!

*  Things to leave in your suitcase, including one Secret Weapon to amaze your James;

*  Covering issues such as plants, lights, kids, pets, mail, newspapers and the like so you’re ready to take off when an adventure presents itself;

*  Handling lotions, potions, makeup and jewelry on a trip; and

*  Much more!

In a few minutes, we hope we can get you from “Oh Honey, No!” when those tickets to Paris show up unexpectedly, to “Honey, Let’s Go!”

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