BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

This “Coffee Chat” podcast is with Eve Abbott of She has graciously offered that if you visit her website and purchase her book, tell her that you found out about her here, and she will send you an autographed book and another free goodie! (NOTE: I don’t get any “kickbacks” from any of these interviews—these really are my experts, and I want to share them with you… no strings attached!)

I mentioned (in this Coffee Chat and I believe my Chat with Scott Smith) the book by Oprah’s Organizer, Peter Walsh. The actual title of that book is Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? Like Eve, Peter Walsh states that clutter is basically symptomatic of an unresolved issue in your life. I saw him on a recent episode of the Oprah show, and his specific quote was that “eating more and buying more is an attempt to fill the need for something more. Until you get those underlying issues dealt with, all the rest is a waste of time.”

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please let me know if there are other experts you might like to hear interviewed on our Coffee Chats.

And, yes… next podcast will be a “regular” one—I promise! I’ve been working on the V.I.P. Podcasts and having a great time with them… but Regular Podcast 9 is on its way soon.

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