Brave…So Brave…

“Heels over head” has never been my jam.

Point of fact – I’ve actually never dived (diven? dove?) into anything. (Well, except for Love but I’m not quite sure that counts.)

Even as a little kid, the idea of doing something that would put me in the “heels over head” position terrified me. I’d get into the position that you see with these kids here – then I would jump into the pool (feet first) with my hands in the same position. 

Also – since I went to a Catholic school where Gymnastics was a pre-requisite – I was basically an outcast.

I was a pretty smart outcast though – I did things like clean the gym, clean the equipment, spot others – anything to get away from the dreaded “heels over head” possibility.

The nuns figured this out at one point though – and they “made me” do a “flip” on the lowest bar of the uneven parallel bars. Since I couldn’t get into the position on my own, and was petrified to boot, 4 nuns had to basically haul my close-to-6-foot self (8th grade) to the bars, hoist me up until my stomach was on the bar and my hands white-knuckle gripping it, then two nuns dunked my head down and the other two threw my feet over my head. Everyone else in the class was cartwheeling, flipping, balance-beam-handstanding, vaulting, etc. but of COURSE stopped long enough to see me in this ignominious position. It was just GRAND.

When I was doing vertical gymnastics (a/k/a Pole Dancing), I was okay. Interestingly, I JUST figured out WHY.

To get into the position that you see in the photo, you don’t “dive your head down” into anything. Instead, you hold onto the pole, swing one leg up and above your hands, kick the other foot behind the pole to lock yourself in, and then slowly lower your head down. I could never do the moves that were the reverse – go into a handstand next to the pole, lock your legs onto it, then sit up from there.

Today was “upside-down day” at Crossfit.

The good part about my Monday and Wednesday morning classes is that I have my favorite coach, and I have my ‘Crossfit husband,’ who is better than I am with some things, worse with others, but we have the same sort of mentality and dynamic when it comes to Crossfit. If it weren’t for my coach and my ‘Crossfit husband,’ I’d still be snuggled up in bed now, not back home an hour after the workout. (Thank you Chelsea and James . . . )

Today two other guys were in class as well. (Normally, it’s just my ‘Crossfit hubby’ and me.) One is a guy I’ve been doing Crossfit with off and on for about three years. He, my ‘hubby,’ and I are about the same age. Then, there was a guy who I’ve worked out with a couple times, who is a few weeks out of On-Ramp. (He could be our son, age-wise, EASILY.)

Our workout today started with a “Skills section”:

Do three sets of:

3 wall walks
3 “skin the cats” on the rings
(and then some other, non-threatening, moves)

A “wall walk” is when you start out lying on the floor, with your feet against the wall. Then you “walk your feet up the wall” as you’re pushing back with your hands, until, in the end, you wind up in a handstand position against the wall. Then you walk back down.

A “skin the cat” is when you hold onto rings, bring your feet up in front of you and over your head (already bad), then back. Here’s a video (you need to click on it):

downward dog

When it comes to Wall Walks, I actually can kick my feet up onto the wall. Think basically like a downward dog, but my feet are up on the wall. I just can’t move any closer. So I’m kinda in an inverted “L” against the wall.

I practiced trying to take my weight off my hands a tiny bit, one after another. But just being my inverted-L-self against  the wall is an uncomfortable position for me, and even taking a tiny bit of weight off of each hand in turn is a big, grunting effort. (Yes. I grunt.)

I watched my ‘Crossfit husband’ do three legit wall walks, getting all the way up to the wall in a full handstand upside down, and back. It was amazing! I was so proud for him!

And then, it was “skin the cat” time.


The “scaled” version of this is that you sit with your butt on the ground, and hold onto the rings hanging from the pull up bar above your head. Fingers out/back of hand towards you. Then, you kick up and basically hook one foot onto the strap that’s holding the ring above one hand, then you use your abs (!!) to hold that all together while you get the other foot and leg wrapped around the other strap on the other side. In this position, you’re off the ground, though your back is still basically facing the ground. As you move your feet up the straps/lean your head backwards, you ultimately wind up upside down. Then, you can take your legs off the straps and lower them over your head to the ground (and, theoretically, back up – hello, Abs). Again, to use a yoga analogy, it’s kinda like a plough . . . but in the air . . . and your feet keep going until your head is back up and your feet down, but your hands still holding onto the rings.

Then, you do the whole thing backwards, until you’re standing back at the rings like normal.

We were doing this whole progression three times.

The first time around when we got to the skin the cat, the coach came over to help me, but I couldn’t get my second foot off the ground. I’d get my right foot off the ground and onto the strap, but the best I could do was get my left toe weightless. Couldn’t move from there. I think that we both thought that this was going to be the best that I would get.

Now, mind you, this was a BIG DEAL because even in that position, I was “almost” upside down.

The second time around, our coach thought that our newbie could do it from the rings hanging in the middle of the room – so, legit going from standing holding the rings (instead of lying on the floor), hoisting himself up and then his legs over his head, and then back over his head and down. (Like in the video, above.)

And he DID IT.

I was SO proud for him. (He looked super surprised when he did the first one.)

Our coach moved from spotting him to coming back over to spot me. I was so excited for him, that the excitement kinda carried over and scared away the scared feeling. I also had a second of clarity, and remembered that I very much have a “good side” and a “not so great” side when it comes to all things Crossfit.

So, I started with my left foot up, first.

And, miracle of miracles, I felt a LOT more stable. I also realized that I could definitely get my right foot off the ground. And so, I did.

Everyone in the gym already knew that being upside down was NOT my jam. (Even the new guy.)

So the fact that there I was, hanging upside down from the rings, was a REALLY emotional moment. EVERYONE was excited for me (including me!)

I did it 2 more times with my coach spotting me, and even got my legs up and over my head (though I didn’t have the core strength to get them back over).

And then I started to feel dizzy. And sick.

the view outside the garage doors at our Crossfit gym


I hung out for a bit, but realized I had to get out of Dodge, just in case I threw up. I went outside, and it was really nice looking at the mountain. As I was heading out the door to get some fresh air, our coach said something really profound. She said:

Getting dizzy is your brain’s way of being sore . . . it’s a good thing.

I was able to get things under control, and luckily didn’t throw up. (You know that feeling you get in the back of your jaw, though, and you start salivating a lot? Yeah, not pleasant – I got that far but no farther.)

When our coach came out to check on me, we talked about how it was basically being scared that had made me feel so sick. The dizziness was likely from the upside down stuff – but the nausea?


I was one of those kids with lots and lots of fears.

Fear of public speaking. Now I’m a public speaker in front of thousands – it’s a great story, if you want it, let me know.

Fear of heights. That one I gave away to Pachamama to take care of, on a mountaintop in Peru. You still won’t find me oh, say, free climbing, but I can cross a bridge or stand on a balcony without having a panic attack.

aaaaand, Fear of Heels over Head. Now, I’m still not going to be cartwheeling or diving into any pools in the near future. However, I definitely feel that I will try this “scaled” skin the cat again.

Because I feel like having been coached through it, I have broken the attachment to the fear.

When I was in the Marines, we were told that fear was a “useless” emotion, because it was scenarios we were making up in the future that might never come true. Our D.I. said that if the feared scenario came to pass, it was better to deal with it then (once) rather than obsessing about it over and over and over and it maybe never even coming true – and changing yourself and your Life because of it.

I even remembered what we were taught in Boot Camp about Fear as I was writing this.

We were told that if you sing a song, you are actually legit Fearless. The words take up one half of your brain, the tune the other half, and so whatever part of your brain is obsessing about the thing that you’re afraid of can’t get a word (or tune/feeling/emotion) in edge-wise.

Humming won’t do it, or “whistling in the dark” – unless that’s the side of your brain that is generating the chemicals that make up your Fear. You need both words and music to lock it down totally.

The key? You gotta know all the words. If you falter, the Fear can rush back in.

I’m going to have to give some thought as to what my Fear-banishing song should be.

Now it’s your turn…

* What are you afraid of?
* Who can coach you through an exercise addressing this fear?
* What song are you going to sing?


Will This Year EVER Be Over??

Woman showering and shampooing outdoorI wanna wash this year right outta my hair…

The way that this year is ending, don’t you think that it’s time to get it out of all the “nooks and crannies” of your life?

One possible way is to cleanse and clear the energies of your home.

In this fairly long post, I will explain how to do just that.

So, let’s start.

Everything is composed of constantly changing energy.Young woman with energetic exploding red hair

You aren’t separate from the world and energy around you.  What’s an example of this? Have you ever stepped into a room ‘charged’ from an argument? You feel it. So – while certainly more subtle – if you step into a room full of comforting and joyful things, you will get a similar energetic ‘charge.’

The energy that is invested in ‘things’ is powerful and important, and we can also train our brains to look for support by the way in which we order our world using techniques such as feng shui.

There are a few different types of feng shui – the type I have studied is often called “black hat” feng shui. However, all types of feng shui are based upon the belief that every geographic area is made up of 9 quadrants, called the “bagua.”  Simply placing the “bagua” map on the area you are considering, you have regions in that room (or desk, or building) that correspond to parts of your life. I did a couple of in-depth podcasts about this…you can find them HERE and HERE. I also did an episode on ABC-TV on this subject – they used to have it up on their website, but it’s down now. I need to find the DVD with my copy, to post it here!

Anyway . . . so . . . if you really want the past year out of your life . . . I’d strongly suggest that you consider clearing its energy from your home, office, purse, car, etc.

These places are comprised of millions of overlapping energy fields.  For example, let’s take a chair in your living room. That chair has residual energy from the raw materials that made that chair (e.g., the “energy” of a California oak will be different than that of an English oak). It has energy from the craftspeople who worked on that chair. Energy from former owners (do you have a dresser in your bedroom from an ex-mother-in-law who hated you? Why is that in your house?). Last but not least, that chair has your own residual energy from sitting in it.  This doesn’t even consider the energy of the sun coming into your home, the energy of the home itself and its builders, the energy from your family, the energy from your pets, or the residual energy from interactions that have taken place in your home.

book cover 2008This is why, in my books Fempowerment and the Fempowerment Playbook, there are entire chapters dedicated to cleaning and cleansing.

What I said above about your chair – or your home – would also apply to your office, your purse, and the like. Because “You” are not separate from them. If you want to “neutralize” your surroundings to have a clean template for next year, you need to remember that these areas are not just an extension of your thoughts, intentions and feelings plus the energy of their furnishings and surroundings; in a larger, energetic sense, they are You.

“You” are no less your home than you are your body.  Both are outer manifestations of your inner energy fields and Spirit – which is the true You. 

In the deepest sense, your home reflects and mirrors your consciousness.  Just as your body is “symbolic” of your inner state, your home also reflects that state.  Therefore, as you can imagine, you can shift personal energy by shifting energy in your home.  For example, windows are your eyes to the world around you. Just the simple act of cleaning your windows, with the Intent of being able to “see your way” in life more clearly, will effect that clarity.

Which gets us to the point of all this. How do you do it?

This clearing can take place in your office, your purse, your car, your house – your “wherever.” Let’s just presume that this will take place in your house.

The four steps are:  (1) preparation, (2) purification, (3) invocation and (4) preservation.  

Once completed, the area that you clear can be “neutralized” from energy carried forward from the past. It can become a peaceful oasis for you, but almost more importantly, it can attract and radiate what you would like in your life out into the world, becoming a beacon that will in turn direct more of that to you.

So, let’s get started!

Preparation Leads to Success concept on a notice boardPREPARATION

Where Intention goes, energy flows.  So – to begin – you need to understand what your Intention is for this clearing. That’s right – no need to change into your coveralls just yet, ‘cos we’re starting in your head!

If your overall conscious and subconscious Intentions are aligned and are to instill an uplifting energy in the home for the betterment of the occupants and mankind – so it will be.  If your overall Intention is to contribute to the vibrant health and well-being of the home’s occupants and thereby raise the energy of mankind – so it will be.  Do you want to create an environment in which you can undertake the creative work you dream of?  Or to create a warm social center where friends and family can gather to share hopes, laughter and tears? Take the time to clarify, define clearly, and write down your Intent.

This is an essential step.  This is similar to preparing the soil before you seed the ground.  Your Intention will be instilled in your home at the time of the clearing, even if you are not constantly thinking about it.

Take some time, and write your Intention down – focus on what you want to draw in, not so much on what you want to usher out.

Red carpet night conept with fence 3d illustration
Red carpet night conept with fence 3d illustration

Our mind can’t “hear negatives.”

That’s why, if you are walking down the red carpet, you tell yourself “Walk Tall,” not “Don’t Trip”!

So – positives!

What specific results do you want for yourself and the other occupants of the home?  After you have clarified your overall Intention, decide what immediate and specific results you want.  For example, if your overall Intention is to generate a loving, creative energy in the home, a specific Intention might be to shift energy in the home so that you can write poetry easily and creatively.  This specific goal could be further broken down into specific objectives.  For example, you might decide that you need to create a beautiful work space separate from the normal living spaces of the rest of your home in which to do your writing.  Or if your overall Intention is to create a social center for friends and family, then you might want to consider what specific elements your heart tells you will help bring that Intention into being.  Is it a kitchen with a big oak table to sit around in a light-filled room, where you prepare meals with friends?  Or everyone gathered together with glasses of wine and take-out, watching movies and enjoying a crackling fire?  Think of your overall Intention as an aerial picture, and your specific intentions as focusing on your street, your house, the rooms inside, the furniture inside, the books and flowers on the tables, and so on.  What “supports” your Intention?

Start at the 10,000 foot level, and dive down into what this Intention will mean to you – See it. Smell it. Taste it. What in your house supports that – and what needs to move on to its next best use? I guarantee that something that’s energetically dead to you will be cherished by another.

As a wise person once said, “You need to empty your glass of beer to get the champagne in there – but pour the beer into your friend’s glass that only holds water now, so they can pour the water to someone who is parched!”

Think about the immediate, but also the long term, results of your Intention. Remember, as energy is always flowing, this clearing and arranging will not be a “one-time deal.”  In fact, perhaps one of your intentions could be to clear, purify, and re-set the energy of your house to align with your Intention every Friday evening after a wonderful bath. Schedule it. Block the time in. This will keep your energy and Intention focused and current.

When you consider long-term results, you want to consider results that will help to “concrete-ize” your Intention.

For example, if your Overall Intention is a life that is abundant and prosperous, your specific intentions might be a financial increase at work, or getting rid of objects in the house that make you feel poor (a bookshelf made of concrete blocks and a plank, for example). Or a specific intention that supports that prosperous Intention might be living out a specific dream that will take money (like a luxury safari to Africa).  The long-term result you desire could be a continuing and growing feeling of expansiveness; of always knowing that you have enough for all your needs to be met.

Or, if your Overall Intention is to have a home that contributes to the spiritual development of all occupants, your specific intentions might be the creation of a beautiful meditation room area and an altar in your home, focusing on colors and objects in the home that elicit a spiritual or uplifting feeling, and daily private meditation times becoming part of your normal routine.  The long-term result might be that all members of the household have an increased sense of connection to their spiritual source, and all members feel more physically and spiritually vital and energetic.

We are incredibly fortunate to have had master hypnotherapist Susan Bird do a three-episode deep induction for cleaning and clearing out your past and bringing forth you best life ever. They are searchable in the podcast section, but to make it easy, the first of these can be found HERE.

messy bedroom

Take some time, and explore your overall intention, your specific intentions, and the long-term result you are bringing into your life.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Touch everything – open everything – yes I said EVERYTHING.

You need to have your house prepared, if you are serious about flushing all of the energy through and out of it. As I mentioned above, the entire first chapter of my book Fempowerment deals with cleaning and clearing out, as does the first chapter of the Fempowerment Playbook. If you have either of these books, you can refer to them. You can also search back in this blog (search term “clearing”) for podcasts and blog posts full of details.

In general, you must have completely organized and cleared everything in your environment.

All drawers and closets, and any items with residual “energy” that do not resonate for you in the present (e.g., wedding dresses under the bed, dead plants, “fat clothes” and the like) must be dealt with.  If you’re serious about not dragging last year and before into the upcoming year, you must make these steps in the same seriousness.

It is important to remember that all things in our homes are given importance because of the energy that we have tied to them.  You may have items in your home that were given to you and you don’t feel you “can give up” (or else you will “insult” the giver); you might have furniture that was given to you by an aunt who you hate but it is “good” furniture and you therefore don’t want to part with it.

It is important to remember that the Universe can only fill your glass with new and beautiful gifts if there is room in the glass. 

By the (sometimes difficult!) parting with personal items that do not resonate 100% with your Intention, you are giving the Universe the ability to replace these items with items that are 100% resonant.  This leap of faith is critical if you are to lead a 100% energized and non-dissonant life. Remember the champagne -> beer -> water -> thirsty example above!

frau beim putzen, Putzfrau, putzfirmaYou should also endeavor to accomplish a full housecleaning.

This includes windows; pulling out appliances and cleaning behind them; etc.  Yup, everything. For example, your refrigerator needs to support your Intention. Are there half-filled condiment bottles in there and ice-encrusted mystery packages in the freezer? It’s all gotta go. If you’re not willing to pull the fridge out, from an energetic level, it represents that there are parts of your life that you’re not “willing to” go to the effort to put right. I know. I know. It’s a huge pain. But the idea is to ensure that there are no lurking “bug-a-boos” that could come back to haunt you!

By the way – if you’re doing this all in one day, go ahead and leave your drawers and closets open (they do not need to be “wide open,” just a crack is enough), because you will purify each area, inside and out. Once the drawers and closets are purified and filled with your intention, they can be closed.

House all clean? Great! Next, you need to prepare yourself.

Take a long shower. Use a salt or sugar “scrub” (easily available at Trader Joe’s, etc., but be sure that it is organic and pure – no chemicals or additives!) Scrub all areas of the body, including between your toes and fingers.  Remember – you’re leaving behind everything to enter this new year clean and clear.

Next, choose loose clothing that has a good energetic “feel” to you.  It is important that you prepare yourself in the same manner you will be preparing your house.  Do not wear jewelry (it gives off energy that can interfere with you feeling the energy in your house). Go barefoot, as it is easier to feel the energies of your house without shoes.

Finally, do a short “warm up” session to loosen your joints and your lymphatic system. The point is to get energy flowing through you and to unlock any blocked areas, so that joy and radiance can enter you and exude from all your cells, from head to toe. Breathe deeply. If you do yoga, perhaps you might do a few sun salutations.


Glasreiniger 7Before you being to instill new energy into your home, it’s important to cleanse the overall space.  Invoking energy into a home before the home is cleared is like picking a beautiful bunch of flowers but then putting it in a vase filled with stagnant water from a previous bouquet.  The reason why rooms need to be cleansed is because the energy becomes stagnant and this stagnation affects the health and well-being of the occupants.  Energy particularly becomes stagnant in the corners of a room, because energy travels in circular, spiral movements which cut off the corners.  It also becomes stagnant if illness or negative emotions have been experienced in a room.

Choose a method that you will use for this purification.

Often, a rattle or a bell is used to break up and move stagnant energy. Does this speak to you? What about sage smoke? Candles? Your voice/singing? Opera music on your cell phone that you can energetically “hold and direct” into the corners of the room? (Yup, you guessed it – that’s mine. My favorite is HERE.)

Hold your Intention in your mind, and feel your home.  What does your home feel like to you in your mind?  What will “move” or “break up” the energies that are stagnant in that home?

Stand in the middle of the room, and take a few deep breaths.

If you are so moved, offer prayers to the Great Is, your guardian spirit, or the like for the help to clear this room. Then, circle the room, using the method you chose to break up and circulate the energy. Imagine it moving out of all areas – drawers, closets, under furniture, you name it. Usher this energy out of the room through an open window or door. If you close your eyes and use your imagination, you can utilize your hands to feel out any “sticky” areas of energy. Imagine using the sage smoke, or bell, or music to “un-stick” this old energy and invite it out the window.



After your house is cleared of stagnant energies, it’s time to fill it with radiant, crystal-clear energy, and consecrate it to your Intention.

It is essential that you “call” or invoke energy into your home after it has been cleared.  Not doing so would be like cleaning a flower vase but never putting fresh flowers into it.  You can call the energy in with the same tools that you used in the previous work, but with a different intention. You now are calling, instead of clearing, energy.  For example, you can use a bell to break up stagnant energy, and later use the same bell to invoke energy and Spirit.  A drum can be a powerful device to dispel stagnant energy, and then to invoke a healing energy in the home.  Consider here what methods might speak to you in calling the energy of your Intention to your home.  You are calling upon guardians in the realm of Spirit to come forth, bringing in energy of healing and love. Clearing and calling may use different methods: Perhaps sage smoke to clear, and then a drum to call?

Kerzen,rote Kerzen,Opferkerzen,KerzenlichterI personally like to work with essential-oil scented, pure beeswax candles (scent, light, fire and color).

Once my home is cleared, I light a candle in the center bagua area of the home, and then bring candles into each room and dedicate that room with light and candles to the Spirit.  I light each candle from the central candle, so that the entire house is lit from the central Intention invoked with the session.


When each room is completed, the energy is “sealed” in by using a separate tool. 

A standard method of accomplishing this is to use salt. You cast it lightly in a circle around the entire perimeter of the room, to “seal in” the energy of your Intention and “seal out” energy that is dissonant, stale, or negative.  Other methods include sprinkling pure water around the perimeter, or beating a drum or wafting sage with an eagle feather all around the perimeter of the room. Your method will be specific to you, but should leave you with a feeling that the area is now completely safe and sealed away from the energies that you dispelled previously.

Finally, you will “set” your Intention.

One example of a way to “set” the Intention is to write down clearly on a piece of paper what the overall Intention is, and then fold the paper and place it in the soil of a new houseplant, near the roots.  Each time you water this plant, you re-affirm your intention.  It is important to note that if the plant dies, this does not say something about your Intention – but you should pay attention!  Plants absorb energy from a house, but also are a bellwether for your actions with respect to your Intention.  Did it die because you paid “too much attention to it” (overwatering, etc.)?  Stop trying so hard – let the Universe do its work.  Don’t push.  Did it die because you neglected it?  Perhaps you are not putting enough daily attention toward your Intention.


I know – it sounds like a lot!

But dozens and dozens of people seem to feel that “life as we know it” is coming to an end this year! As such, this post outlines some very concrete ways that you can make your home a harbinger of wonderful things to come for you and yours in this new year. Stop cowering in fear – get out your journal, get on your coveralls, apply some elbow grease, and sweep out the old and lock in the new!

May your new year be healthy, happy and bright.




Syed v. State of Maryland, Memorandum of Opinion II, June 30, 2016 – audio

Adnan_Syed_1998Quick post for a big effort…

I’ve been following the Adnan Syed case since Serial season 1, including follow-on podcasts Undisclosed, Truth & Justice, and Crime Writers On.

I’m a listener, not a reader.

When the judge’s opinion came down last week, I wanted to read it (really I did), but, as I said, not much of a reader.

Then I thought, “You know, I bet I’m not alone.”

So, as a labor of love, as the saying goes, today I pulled up the document, and I read it into my computer.

You can hear drills/hammers/saws from a neighbor’s construction, I lose my place a couple of times, and I’m most definitely not a professional audiologist. (Trolls, please don’t go crazy in the Comments affirming that remark.)

It is saved as a .WAV file, and unfortunately I had to compress it & store it in Dropbox – because it’s a HUGE FILE.

HERE is the link to the Dropbox link where you can download it if you like. You’ll need to press the “DOWNLOAD” button at the top right, then uncompress the file. (Maybe it would be easier to just read it after all heh heh)

And HERE is the copy I read from, in case you want to reference anything.

Just another Manic Monday…

I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off (mostly), which always feels great until, of course, Monday. I got up early and opened my computer to find . . .  312 emails to address. Oy.

However, our weekly challenge was to ramp up our exercise. (Last week’s challenge was to work out in the morning.) So I DID ramp up my exercise per the challenge – from one TRX class in the morning to two.

However, today was kinda an accident.

The teacher for the 8am class – Gardie – is SUPER DUPER hard. The teacher for the 9am class – Chris – isn’t so hard . . . or, they are different. Gardie makes you do all sorts of crazy stuff fast or super long. Chris concentrates on form and goes slower. So you work up a sweat in Gardie’s, but Chris’s you are more trying to feel what’s working, stretching, etc.


Gardie SUBBED for Chris today.

Even HE thought I was a bad *ss for doing his class 2x in a row. ;-) We only had two of us in the 2nd class, so though the bulk of it was the same, he modified part of it. The first class concentrated a lot on core (planks, etc.) – which he replaced with hamstring work in the 2nd hour (stirrup work).

hamstring "march"
hamstring “march”

The hamstring stirrup work goes basically like this:

1. Lie on the ground on your back. Put your heels into the stirrups/handles of the TRX.
2. Bridge your hips up (butt off the ground).
3. Now “march” your feet in, slowly, one at a time, for 90 seconds.
4. Rest 10 seconds. Bridge back up.
5. Now do it bringing BOTH knees in and out instead of one at a time.
6. Rest 10 seconds. Bridge back up.
7. Now spread your feet out as wide as you can, then back in, for 90 seconds.
8. Rest. Bridge. Curse.
9. Now “frog” your legs in to your chest – sort of like #5, but with your knees out to the sides and your feet together.
10. Rest. Bridge. Cry.
11. Now do all the above, but with each move a count of 3-2-1 in, hold, then 3-2-1 out, sloooowly.

Right now, every muscle in my body is sore.

Because I had to do all those emails before heading to TRX, I let the dog out instead of walking him, and “banked” the coals of my emails as best I could. Then I went to TRX, came back, and washed the dog (and me). Then washed the tub of 10 pounds of pibble fur. How the heck does this dog do it every week?

Winston the pibble.
Winston the pibble.

Then I took Winston (my dog) to his Scenting class.

He’s learning to be a Scenting dog. We’re only on our third round of classes, but he can scent now on birch, the first “non-food” scent of 3 (birch, clove, anise). (Each set of classes is once a week for six weeks or so, but you get homework too.)

HERE is a video of him doing a search. It’s only 9 seconds because he found it fast! The scent is on the side of the bench – neither the handler (me) nor to dog knows where it has been put. This is just a one-box search – I have others of him searching for more, but this gives you an idea.

Today they had 12 equal-sized cardboard boxes lined up in two rows. Only one box had birch in it (the others were empty), and he found it on his first pass. I was SO proud. When you do the actual test, they put food in some of the other boxes. Dirty buggers LOL.

Then I came back and worked and worked and worked and worked.

And am still working.

Manta ray floating underwaterWhen I get stressed out, I pull up an old video I did in Kona. It’s manta rays. A “manta ray ballet.”

This was just filmed on a little Samsung camera, floating on the surface . . . no diving apparatus, etc.

Manta rays are my “air” and “water” totem.

I don’t have an air (bird) totem, I have manta as both. I went through a spirit quest quite some time ago. My earth animal is the buffalo.

Anyway – if you’re feeling stressed, here’s the video.

I hope that you find it as calming as I do:


At Crossfit yesterday, we did good mornings, Tabatas, and a 6 minute AMRAP of pull ups.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say things like “AMRAP,” you might want to go back in my blog (linked HERE) and scroll down to “Crossfit lingo.”

barbell good mornings
barbell good mornings

Good Mornings work your hammies.

You can see what a good morning looks like in the photo. Deceptively simple. Put a barbell behind your head, and then bend down (keeping your back straight, not rounded), then come back up. How far you can get depends a lot on how flexible your hamstrings are.

It was 5 x 5 good mornings – I did it at 35 kg.

This is because there’s a gal in the morning I always check the Whiteboard on, and she did it at 32 kg ;-) I can never really compete with her 99% of the time, but when I can, I do. A little personal competition that I carry out in my own widdle mind. ;-)

We superset this with “rollouts” – which are basically from Satan.

barbell rollouts
barbell rollouts

If you look at the photo here, it shows you what someone without a bad shoulder, with abdominal muscles, etc. will do to perform a roll-out. I’m lucky to be able to push the silly barbell out a foot. Harrumph.

After this, we did a 6 minute AMRAP of pull ups.

Because I can’t do a pull up with my body weight where it is, I added a couple of bands. What that means is you loop what are basically gigantic rubber bands around the bar, put one foot in them, and use them to help you lift your weight. I did an assist of something like 45-50 pounds (blue and red bands), and got to 53 pull ups.

Finally, we did Tabata situps.

A “Tabata” is named after the guy who figured out that if you do any exercise all out for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, for 8 cycles (4 minutes), it winds up doing more good than any other method. I was able to average 9 per round (I did 10 one round, 8 another, but 9 all the others) – which I was happy about.

this – of course, after doing TRX in the morning.

Oy! I even got some grocery shopping and about 6 hours’ worth of billable work done yesterday. Yay, me ;-)

So, THIS morning, my hammies feel like lead!

Holy cats! I knew when I did them that the good mornings were very heavy for me. I had to really stabilize my core and my back to do them with good form. I wasn’t particularly paying attention to the fact that this is a hamstring exercise.

Um, I know now . . .

my house is on the other side. Down in the valley you can see the farmhouse.
my house is on the other side. Down in the valley you can see the (white) farmhouse.

Thursdays are my favorite day.

I try to start out by taking my dog down into the valley, then up the mountain on the other side. A bit of a hobble, with tight hammies. Especially the really steep bits.

This takes about an hour. If I don’t have my act together – because I do a lot of stuff on Thursdays – I miss out. I need to get out of the house before 7 a.m. to do it.

After the hill hike, to the Farmer’s Market.

I love the Thursday farmer’s market, because it’s the one the chefs go to. They come out of San Francisco, Michelin starred restaurants, to get their veggies at our little market. It’s great.

You can always tell an important one, because he or she has a minion running to and fro gathering things saying ‘Yes, Chef!” “No, Chef!” (Yes, really.)

20160512_072125I get a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box there, eggs, and whatever else I fancy. I love the fact that, by picking up the CSA box at the actual market, I can ‘swap out’ anything in the box that I’m unlikely to eat that week.

The market was brimming with berries and cherries this week – I got a pint of the most gorgeous, “bluer than blue” blueberries, and some great cucumbers and daikon for a salad my hubby loves. The rest was the “usual”: lettuces, spring garlic, new red potatoes, mizuno, chard, carrots, etc.

From the market, off to Pelo.

the sun coming up this morning, before I started my walk
the sun coming up this morning, before I started my walk

My hammies were so sore, I actually mentioned to the teacher today that I might need to decrease my “Power Number.” How Pelo works is you actually are fit to the bike, and you have a “Power Number” that’s specifically your own, based on your own fitness. That way, you can ride next to someone who is just starting out, who’s riding next to Lance Armstrong, and you can all get the same amount of workout. When she said that we would be doing a lot of “tempo” riding – meaning, cadences over 100 beats per minute – I nearly walked right out! But I persevered, and didn’t even lower my Power Number! Yay, me!

After Pelo, various errands, then time for work.

I’m nearly done with work now – just two more clients to do. But I’m proud of myself and my little hammies, that we not only got down our mountain, up the other mountain, down that mountain, and back up our mountain, but then we persevered during the Pelo tempo ride!

I’m averaging about 16-17 miles each Pelo ride, and about 400 calories. The bikes that are used in Pelo “really” keep track of your calories, because they know your personal perceived exertion (because, remember, you’re specifically geared to them). So the calories always “seem low” compared to the effort you put out, vis-a-vis a “standard” treadmill or spin bike.

That’s because “standard” spin bikes and treadmills are like the sizes on expensive couture dresses – they lie ;-)

Tomorrow’s Friday!

I’ll be going to TRX and Pelo in the morning, and the plan is to take the rest of the day off. My hubby and I were super lucky to wrangle a reservation at The Fork tomorrow – so that’ll start our weekend off right!

How’s by you?


That Water Thing…

Social Issues: African Black Child Drinking Fresh Water From TapI suck at drinking enough water daily.

I don’t know if it’s because my parents never really drank water. Probably. But I can go an entire day without drinking water (or, really, anything), and feel fine about it.

I know water is healthy.

I know that water feeds your cells. I know that often if we feel hungry, we’re really thirsty. I know. I know. I know.

I’ve tried all the tricks to get myself to do it.

There are apps. There’s having “infused water” in the fridge. There’s filling a big bottle up and just keeping it at your desk.

20160511_103146 [454068]
Camelbak Eddy bottle with rubber bands

But finally – courtesy of FITera – I think I’ve found a trick that “works.”

If you go HERE, Chad (head of FITera) talks about a trick.

I was pessimistic this would work for me.

Surprisingly – it is working! If you don’t want to click on the link – here’s the deal.

Get a bottle & some rubber bands.

I have blogged before about the “Camelbak Eddy” bottle. I like it because you don’t need to tilt it to drink. You just pinch the rubber straw-thing on top with your teeth, and sip.

Surround the bottle with the number of rubber bands that represents how many bottles of water you’re supposed to get in, per day. (The FITera blog that’s linked above gives you the math for this.)

When you drink a bottle, take the rubber band off the body of the bottle. In the blog, Chad talks about putting it on your wrist. For me, that’s just never going to work. On the Eddy bottle, as you can see in the photograph, it has a little “hanger” thing on the top. I put the rubber bands representing bottles I have completed there.

That way, the rubber bands and the bottle stay together.

Simple? Yup! Super simple

. . . but it seems to be working for me, where all sorts of other methods have failed! Getting that Eddy bottle (at the suggestion of my friend  & client Claire) was the first really great step. It makes it so easy to drink water, that it’s nearly worth the price tag for the bottle ;-) But the rubber bands added to the Eddy bottle were the game changer.

By just looking at the bottle, I can see at a glance how far I’ve come – & how far I have to go.


By the way – linked above is a great little video, also posted by FITera, about making different sorts of infused water. They have some great combos that sound interesting – like grapefruit and rosemary. I’ve tried the apple and cinnamon, and it’s super tasty. I actually have grapefruit in the fridge and rosemary growing rampant outside – so I might make up a pitcher of that one today and see how it goes.

Make it a great day!


Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, un-sub-scriiiiiibe!

Every morning for the last week, I’ve sat down with a cup of coffee & had an “unsubscribe” fest.

Is your email inbox like mine? You subscribe to something, and then within a few months, that “something” has proliferated into about 100 “somethings”?

chop chop chop
chop chop chop

Usually, I have an “unsubscribe fest” before traveling.

I unsubscribe from the stuff that I’m not reading – and if I think I might want to re-subscribe, I unsubscribe anyway, then put the email into a folder that says “Possible Resubscribe” under my Inbox.

You know what?

You guessed it . . . I never do. But having ones that I think I “should” like reading in a little folder – so I haven’t “lost them forever” – makes me feel better about getting out the hatchet.

One of the best inbox “managers” I know is

After I’ve finished axing my morning quota of newsletters, I spend a bit of time with

cc-from-youIf you don’t know about it – you need to check it out. allows you to “forward” emails to yourself (or to others, more on that in a second) for any period of time. Want to deal with an email in an hour? Send it to (fut = FollowUpThen). Want to deal with it on Monday? Send it to Want to deal with it in 3 months? Send it to (you get the picture). also allows you to get an email forwarded to yourself “until you do it.” These are called “recurring” followups. So if you have something that you keep pushing off (and want to keep pushing off, until you do it), you can forward it to yourself, to come back to your inbox every Monday until you click it completed. also allows you to re-ping other people.

Let’s say that you tell a client that you will “remind them on Thursday” to do something. You can set up a FollowupThen alert for Thursday – and it will send an email to that client (and you) – from you – stating that this is their “reminder” that you said you’d follow up on Thursday.


I use both the “follow up with me every week until I do it” reminders and the “just follow up with me one time on this set date or time” reminders. Since it sends you back your email, if I am using the second sort, I put the word SINGLE in the Subject line – telling my sometimes absent-minded self that if I delete the reminder, it won’t be coming back! On the recurring ones, I don’t put anything on the Subject line. So if a FollowupThen shows up in my inbox and it says SINGLE, that means that I have pushed it forward for the exact date or time that it is right then. If it comes up and it just has the task on the Subject line, and I don’t have time to do it, I can delete it, knowing that I will get another reminder at the interval I set.

If you set up a “single” reminder, you can continue to push it forward – it’s just the software doesn’t do it “for you.”

So, here’s an example. I need to get in touch with the guy who does our Long Term Care Insurance. We’re supposed to talk with him annually – and you know how that goes. So I set a “single” reminder the LAST time that we talked with him to contact him now. Well – “kinda” now. The date that I set was February – I set it February 16th of last year – so this year on February 15th, the reminder, Subject line “SINGLE: Long Term Care Checkup” came up in my inbox.

Um, it’s been coming up for a while now.

How? Because when a “single” reminder comes up (with the email attached to it that you are pushing forward), it conveniently gives you the option to push it forward 5 minutes up to months. You just click on how far you want to push it forward, and it will do it. So – in my case – I’ve been pushing this dang thing forward by 1 week since (ahem) February 15th. Why not put it on a “recurring” followup? Because I really do want to get this done – and having to actually push it forward makes me feel guilty about it ;-)

What sorts of things do I put on the “recurring” reminder?

Basically “low low priority” things. As an example, a friend of mine and I want to do a send-off on the song “ice, ice, baby” – we have even written the words to it – but we haven’t gotten together to film anything. It’s a silly thing, but I don’t want to completely forget about it. So every 4 weeks, I get a reminder that says “Ice Ice Baby” on it – and in fact, it even has the words to the satire in the body of the email. And I delete it, because I don’t have time to do it – but some day, I will. And then I will mark it “COMPLETED” and won’t remind me any more.

I’m sure there are other programs out there that do this.

Theoretically, “Tasks” do this in your Calendar. But I use for inbox and email maintenance – and it’s so easy  that it’s well worth the annual fee.

Dog walked – off to Pelo! Have a great day!

Belly v Abs

This is the photo you get when you put "BELLY" into the photostock search engine.
This is the photo you get when you put “BELLY” into the photostock search engine.


It’s such a nice sounding word. Cute. Sweet. Happy. Probably comes from the holidays – even now (yes, I am in my 50s) I get together with my dad on Christmas Eve, and he reads Clement Moore’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to me. (I even put out a note to Santa still – it’s pretty funny going back through years and years of these. If you have kids, keep the letters!)

You know how it goes:
His eyes–how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
and the beard on his chin was as white as the snow.
The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
and the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

(It wasn’t until I lived in England in my 20s that I discovered that “jelly” meant Jell-O, not “jam without seeds.” I could never figure out the illustration on that page as a kid…)

So. Belly. Meaning, well, “that stomach area.” Or, more particularly, “that stomach area, described in a way that none of us want it to be described.”

Whatever happened to poor “Belly”? Maybe the link to Santa/”little round…”? No one wants one. Poor “Belly.”

...and this is what you get when you put the word 'abs' into the photostock search box.
…and this is what you get when you put the word ‘abs’ into the photostock search box.

As opposed to…Abs.

Short for rectus abdominis, this is the word that you want to have applied to your “stomach area.” It basically indicates that you are so bad-*ss that you have no fat in that area, so you can see the muscles of your core.

This word is current currency for a great midsection. Like, “Wow, she has such great abs!” (You wouldn’t hear someone saying “Wow, she has such a great belly!”)

While this word denotes kick-*ssery, it’s also not very friendly.

I personally am more in the “Belly” arena than the “Abs” arena.

I’d certainly like to be more in the Abs arena . . . and (sad, so sad) basically was for the bulk of my life. As I’ve blogged before, I didn’t even really think that much about it. It’s just how I was. Now, I’m a “Belly” person.

I just think that it’s a shame that we can’t have a more kick-*ss name for “abs” with some fat covering them – or a friendlier name for the opposite.

20160507_115936[1]Anyway – that’s what came to me today on my drive to go work out.

I didn’t do much over the weekend.

Saturday was taken up with being dragged (oh, oops, accompanying) my husband to tile stores, etc. We’re remodeling our master bathroom, and he’s the design “maven” of the two of us – so I wind up basically tagging along and trying to decide which one of something he likes best, and choosing that one. Sometimes I get it wrong. Then I have to back out of “my” decision. It’s like a special marriage game.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I made a great brunch. While champagne was flowing a bit too freely, the biggest change was that I didn’t buy any danishes for the meal.

We only have “sweets” on special occasions.

So on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter (“brunch-y” situations), my Mom always picks up some bakery-fresh, gluten-free, kick butt danishes. She always gets like 9,000 of them too, for the 4 of us. I took over making brunch for the 4 of us years ago – but always kept the danish tradition. This year, I decided that I would just skip’em – and no one noticed. Yay! As Coach Pam says – “baby steps,” and just making better decisions.

It’s Monday, so, back to the old grind.

trx5Today I went to TRX from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Our regular teacher is on holiday, so we had a substitute. She was exceptionally “perky” – and brutal.

The good thing about shake-ups like that is that substitutes never cut you slack.

They don’t know how “good you’re doing” compared to when you started. Like, our regular teacher knows that if I can even pull my knees in with my hips off the floor, that’s way way better than when I started, and he gives me all sorta kudos for doing it. This gal – nope. She kept urging me to get them higher, do splits, pull both knees in . . . Ay Carumba!! (She was Latin, and played salsa-type music – it was quite different than Chris, our usual guy, and his fairly mellow 80s music.)

One of the gals I’m always in class with, Amy, just started to laugh at one point … when the sub was trying to get me to pike up with one foot in the TRX, and then “Just take your weight off the other foot, Mommy.” This would have had me in a plank, with my feet about 4 feet off the ground. (See the photo.)

Amy (who was able to do it….b&tch… LOL) knew that this was miles outside my comfort zone. There were only 3 of us in the class though – and the other gal was completely new to TRX – so the sub spent the most time with her. Amy and I would look at one another when she’d tell us to “just do” this completely new and slightly impossible move – however, except for 2 moves (including that

see how the TRX is around her ankle in this photo? The next move is to kick the other foot up to "meet it."
see how the TRX is around her ankle in this photo? The next move is to kick the other foot up to “meet it.”

“flying plank”), I actually did everything I was told to do. So there you go – stretch your boundaries.

Today at Crossfit at 3:00 we did a bunch of pre-workout stuff, then the main WOD was split in 2 parts:

1 pood – 16kg – is 3rd row down on the left (green). 40 kg is bottom row, navy kettlebell, far right.

PART ONE: 5 rounds of 30 seconds max kettlebell swings (1 pood), 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds plank left, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds plank right.

PART TWO: 5 rounds of 30 seconds max kettlebell deadlifts (40kg), 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds max burpees.

In part one, I got on average 14-15 swings in the 30 second period, and was able to hold the planks.

In part two, I averaged about 16 deadlifts per 30 seconds, and 5 burpees. (The deadlifts were actually only supposed to be 1 pood, but I found the heaviest kettlebell I could find and used it. Because I am pretty good at deadlifting.)

It was only Chad, H, and me – Chad worked on his max snatch in Part One – H did Part One with me, but then H moved over to Performance with Chad for Part Two, which was actually doing bar deadlifts and then lateral burpees. I was fine working with the kettlebell, and it was a different move.

view on our walk this morning
view on our walk this morning

My biggest issue today is forgetting to eat/not making time to eat. I walked the dog for about an hour in the hills before heading over to TRX, and it was so nice outside that I didn’t get home fast enough to make a breakfast. So I wound up having a Quest bar.

I need to get more with the program. However, on Sunday, I did a ton of meal prep. So I feel good about that. It was just more “cutting up veggies” and lunch/dinner-type prep. I like to have a sweet potato, eggs and some fruit for breakfast, which takes basically 3 minutes to make – so I didn’t really “prep” anything for breakfast. Silly me…


How’s by you – ??

Fitera – Day Three

hat20 in 30Today at Pelo, I got my hat!

Today, three of us (in this photo, the three of us with the pumpkin-colored hat on) got our “20 workouts in 30 days” Spring Challenge hats. The other gal in the photo is one of the awesome instructors. Georgia.

In this photo, we’d just finished doing Georgia’s “Coachella” ride – her playlist was all bands she’d seen in the desert – hence, our sweaty selves ;-)

I’m such the Swag Hag.

The Spring Challenge was a brilliant “marketing plan” by Alan, the owner of Pelo. It was free to sign up – and if you did 20 workouts in a 30 day period (April 15 through May 15), you got a “20 in 30” hat.

What it really made you do was come more … try out different classes … and consider bumping up your membership.

I hadn’t tried the TRX classes before starting the Spring Challenge. And that’s part of the brilliance of the program . . . it makes you check other things out.

our TRX class
our TRX class

In fact, before the Challenge, I only went to Pelo 2x/week – for their T and Th classes. Otherwise, I was doing Crossfit 3x/week (M, W, F), and then hot yoga T and Th (well, kinda – see yesterday’s post heh heh). The Challenge made me swap things around a bit, adding TRX strength training into the mix. I think now that I’ve “got ze hat,” I will probably go back to just 2 of the bike classes a week – but I think I will keep up the TRX.

TRX is like an “old school” strength training class.

You use straps and your own body weight. Crossfit, on the other hand, is all about “functional fitness.” In other words, in Crossfit you’re not doing “isolations” (e.g., bicep curls), you’re doing a movement that could translate into something in real life (e.g., carrying heavy kettlebells, which could translate into carrying buckets; deadlifting a barbell with good form, which could translate into understanding how to lift something heavy off the floor).

After doing Crossfit for a few years now, I’ve sort of been indoctrinated into a mindset that isolations are “bad,” because they’re not “functional.” But the thing that TRX has taught me is that isolations (when combined with functional fitness) can actually be useful, since you’re working on building your strength and seeing what “pieces” of your functional chain need work. Then, by strengthening them, you can perform functional movements better.

Looking at these photos makes me embarrassed, though.

Man, I weigh so much more than I weigh “in my head”! I think that’s part of my problem. I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. And I’m usually the one taking the photos. So when I see photos of myself, I think “Who the Heck is that chunky monkey?”

I really got caught short today.

I got to class early today, so I chatted a bit with Alan. He praised me for doing so well in the Challenge, then he told me “how much slimmer” I looked. He made a particular point of saying how much slimmer my face was.

My face, to me, looks like a big round tomato. This isn’t my face! And the fact it had been bigger – at least, in the perception of the owner of the gym – makes my stomach hurt.

this is how I still think of my body - I'm the one in the red
this is how I still think of my body – I’m the one in the red

And my body? I’ve always been bigger “at the bottom than at the top” – but never like this.

this is how my face is supposed to look.
this is how my face (& body) looks like to me in the mirror.

Well, not really “never.” It’s not like this happened overnight. I just haven’t paid attention. Obvs.

It’s been ten years that my weight has been slowly, slowly, ever so slowly creeping up.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge, metabolism-wise (so says my doctor) was doing a ton of endurance stuff over a short period. I did an Ironman, then a couple triathlons… then in a year’s period of time, I did a swim from Alcatraz, 5 marathons, and a triathlon. My doc says that put my stress-related hormones out of whack.

Also during that period, I had to have some “female plumbing” yanked out due to issues, which put me through menopause – and more hormone havoc.

But the photos above are how I have continued to perceive myself. And they just are not how I look any more.

I’ve talked about this in posts before – how I don’t seem to have a lot of “body perception.”

And I think part of the problem is that I have always been pretty slim – “Beanpole” and “Chicken Legs” and “Scarecrow” being “terms of endearment” from my formative years. I didn’t really learn how to control my eating, because I never had to.

IMG_0530Now, I’ve “not paid attention” myself into a body I don’t recognize.

The crazy part is that I don’t feel like I have been “ignoring” the problem. I have had a blind spot. It’s like the opposite of what you hear folks with anorexia do. They look in a mirror and see a fat person, even though they are skin and bones. I look in a mirror and see a slim person.

I honestly can’t believe that the photos that I just posted above are ten years old. That’s a little crazy. Though I’ve tried to steer the train back onto the tracks over the years (see all the previous blog posts!), I haven’t really been all that motivated. Sure, I’ve slowly grown out of the clothes in my closet. But my hubby still tells me how beautiful I am, I can basically get out and do what I want to do, etc.

I need to own the fact that I’m 30-40 pounds overweight – and just stick with the program ’til I’m not.

I need to remind myself that my hubby telling me that I look great doesn’t mean I couldn’t look “greater.” (This is how my mind works… He thinks I look fantastic – so why not keep doing what I’m doing? Pass the mashed potatoes please…)

I need to do this for myself – and keep my “Oh! Shiny Penny!” self fixed on staying with it until the scale is back in range.






Fitera – Day Two

Winston - bestest dog ever. (He has one eye because he had cancer.) #WhoZaGoodBoy??
Winston – bestest dog ever. (He has one eye because he had cancer.) #WhoZaGoodBoy??

My angel & devil working overtime…

So, yesterday, I went to the Farmer’s Market, did Pelo, got together with a friend I haven’t seen in forever for an hour-long hill hike with my dog, and then I said that I’d convinced my bff Moddie to join me at yoga . . . so I’d be sure to go to yoga.


I gave her the choice of coming over and drinking wine on our veranda and catching up and snuggling with the dog, or going to hot yoga.

Young woman doing yoga. . . Devil . . .

I’ve written about her before – we applied to the Amazing Race together (twice – once in video, once in person). She and I have done weight-loss-related challenges before, and so I had her re-do my Before photos for Fitera. Then, I actually had her put on one of my bikinis, and I took her photos and told her to go join Fitera!

Moddie and me at The Amazing Race intake
Moddie and me at The Amazing Race intake

. . .Angel . . .

Fitera also wants you to do a one-or-so minute “Before” video. I took one, but I am going to do what I did for our Amazing Race video – I’m going to cut in some photos of where I want to be, weight wise – photos of myself 10 years ago. It will be motivating for me to go back through those photos, and show that “just a few years ago,” I was where I want to be.

SO, you probably want to see those photos, huh?

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I hope that you will say – “Hey! You look better than some of the photos that you’ve posted before!” And I’d tend to agree with you. I had some good success with the Haylie Pomroy program. But that was just ten pounds – and there wasn’t any community support, so I totally fell back off the wagon. I have 30 pounds to lose.

Anyway – here they are: