Awesome Travel Pants for Tall Legs and Crossfit ‘Booty’

Columbia “Just Right” Omni-Shield trousers

As many of you know, the entire first chapter of my first book is dedicated to “clearing out” your life – and being ready for anything.

This past Labor Day, for me, was all about attacking the entropy that had overwhelmed parts of my life . . . which means culling through clothing, etc. ruthlessly.

I have been reading for a while, and really like her website and suggestions. The biggest issue, however, is that she’s short, and doesn’t have much of a “booty.” So a lot of the clothing that she suggests just won’t work for 6’2″ booty-esque me.

I have two pair of the same “go to” black slacks in my wardrobe. The issue, however, with these slacks (like a lot of women’s clothing!) is that they have no pockets. As such, I’ve been trying to find a replacement that will not only work for a pair of work slacks, but also will work for Crossfit/hiking/etc.

Not that I would purposely go out of my way to wear a pair of slacks to Crossfit, mind you – but I’ve decided that this is how I am going to judge all new clothing purchases. (Why? Because, of course, I want them to work WHEN I am chosen for The Amazing Race. Naturally.)

Enter the first pair of pants I’m really excited about! They are pictured on the right – the Columbia “Just Right” straight leg pant. Not too tight and not too loose, these woven pants deliver beautiful balance: the perfect amount of fabric and stretch for a sleek, flattering shape and a comfortable fit that is equally ideal for daily wear as it is for all kinds of active endeavors – yes, I wore them to Crossfit on Thursday, and they performed like a champ!

They have UPF 50 sun protection, plus Columbia’s Omni-Shield stain and water repellency. They dry easily hung overnight; I have washed them (cold) and also dried them for a tiny bit in the dryer, and they held their size.

Although it’s tough to see in the picture, there is a “raised seam” on the front, which looks like a trouser crease. These pants are “stretchy” but not so much that you feel like you are wearing tights, and are super light weight as opposed to many “go to” travel pants, like jeans or khakis. They have a draw string on the inside, which is actually a nice feature as you can cinch in the waist a bit. They do not have tight straight legs – they are roomy enough for Crossfit quads and hammies without being “boot cut.” Ideal!

There is seaming on the back and I must tell you – they make my booty look amazing.

Although there are no pockets in front or back, they have a very roomy zip pocket on the side of one leg. This pocket holds a large-sized phone, keys, money clip, etc. (I tried it out). I think that the back shapes the booty so well due to the lack of back pockets – instead, it has “shaping seams.” The back is high, so no need to “pull your shirt down” as with some pants, if you bend over or squat down. Again – the drawstring actually really helps the fit, though it is hidden fully inside (the trousers have a single snap button – no belt loops).

They fit true to size, however, the “Regular” (there is no Tall) is 33″. I happen to have a 34″ inseam, and there isn’t a hem to take out on these pants. Worn low on the hip, they graze the top of my feet. I’m fine with that – but I wouldn’t wear them with a heel. Point of fact, my former “go to” trousers were about this length as well – it’s kinda hard to be over 6 feet, what can I tell you.

I did purchase another pair of pants that I plan to review: They have more standard pockets for a “hiking pant” but are also a breathable fabric that I think can work as a “work pant” too. I’ll let you know after they pass my “work then Crossfit” test ;-) In the meantime, I’m tempted to go right back out and buy another pair of these – yes, they really are that great! They also come in a dark grey color called “Grille,” in case you are looking for a pair of pants in that color instead of black.

Your Turn:

Do you have any item of clothing that you’d recommend to me as a “must have” piece for The Amazing Race? Yes, I’m serious – I figure the only way that I can make this dream come true is to be ready for it to come true. If you’re familiar with the program, you’re only allowed to bring a carry-on sized bag, so everything you bring needs to be easily washed, durable, fashionable, and mix-and-match. What comes to mind that you own??