Awe and the Austrian

vonMy husband is Austrian, not American. He has been here since he was like 20, but English is not his first language.

Today at lunch, he mentioned that he’d gotten something done that has been on our List for a long, long time. My response was “Awesome!”

He thought about that (what was there to think about, you ask?)

And he thought some more.

(Now I’m curious what’s going on in his brain.)

And he says, “So, ‘awe’ is something that it’s good to have a little, but not so good to have a lot?”

Now I’m really puzzled. Obviously, it showed in my face, because he said earnestly:

“Well, ‘Awe-some’ is good, but “Awe-full” is bad, no? So it’s good to have some, but not a lot?”

I just love my husband’s mind. It’s


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