Fitera – Day Three

Today at Pelo, I got my hat! Today, three of us (in this photo, the three of us with the pumpkin-colored hat on) got our “20 workouts in 30 days” Spring Challenge hats. The other gal in the photo is one of the awesome instructors. Georgia. In this photo, we’d just finished doing Georgia’s “Coachella” […]

Fitera Day Zero

Yeah, Yeah, I’m at it again. I’m not even going to talk about, or link, all the diet “programs” that I’ve tried while keeping this blog. I will also try not to be embarrassed by myself. Two posts ago, I discussed “failing” at WAG – Working Against Gravity – the latest “hit” program for weight […]

Zzzzt! Zzzzt! Zzzzt!

I’ve never really had a body image “issue.” This basically means that I’ve been super lucky, as a female. In the recent past, however, I’ve been dealing with weight, and the inability to lose same. It’s made me search back in my memory banks. I know in 6th Grade, I got “chunky.” I know this […]

WAG Fail

I worked against gravity . . . and I lost. The last time I posted (which now was weeks ago), I discussed that I was going to try a paid, macro-based, “coached” program called Working Against Gravity (WAG for short). A couple of friends of mine, and “Facebook friends” related to them, were trying it […]

Easy Smoothies ( WAG IIFYM )

This time – swear – I will get right to the recipe ;-) This is for my friend Joy from Girls Gone WOD Podcast. Joy and I text incessantly, and we’re both doing the WAG program. She has recently been starving on the program, and her coach told her that she needed to increase her fiber […]

Try these pancakes! ( WAG IIFYM ) 1g fat 10g protein 2g fiber 72 cals

Hey there! As usual, there’s a lot of me chatting to you before you actually get to the recipe for these pancakes (one serving = 9g carbs, 1g fat, 10g protein, 2g fiber (72 cals)). If you want to skip to it, scan down for the heading “Surprise! Here’s The Recipe!“ So, for the past […]

Did someone say “SNACKS”???

First and foremost, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve “been,” my website was taken DOWN by a super virulent virus. THANK YOU THANK YOU to WordPress SOS for fixing it! That’s why you haven’t seen anything in months. They saved it ALL – clearing thousands of pages, all infected, now protected – I can’t say […]