April 4 (Day 211) – Update on yesterday . . .

FRIDAY WOD (today):

Part A: 10 Min EMOM
3 Back Squat 120/85KG – no can do this weight. I back squat to a box, think I can do 10k (orange bar) MAYBE 15k (red)
4 Burpee

Part B: “Jack”
20 Min AMRAP
10 Push Press 52/35KG – this is 15k for me
10 KBS 1.5/1P – 1P is the red kettlebell, I would be doing I want to say .75 pood, but the orange nevertheless
10 Box Jump 24/20″ – I’ll add a 5k plate in between the 2 big ones as I said I would do.

I don’t know what Roger is doing this week but there are a lot of burpees and a lot of shoulder things . . . I swear that “Jack” looks suspiciously like what we did just a couple days ago, wasn’t that squat clean, KBS, box jump???

UPDATE on yesterday:

So, yeah, I always overestimate what I can do. I also managed to give myself Fran Lung. 2x in a month, after never having it before – yeah just like any virgin I just keep coming back . . . (oops, going to Hell now . . . )

So the new whiteboard only has the last 2 days on it (I forgot) instead of the old blackboard which kept a week. So I only could get the day before yesterday’s “actual” times/reps, and of course yesterday. I had done 39 burpees (that one I knew), the 800s were 4.21, 4.20, and 4.16 – not bad.

Yesterday in the warmup we had a new nasty little number called a “Body Weight Lift.” How you do this (Rx) is hold onto a stanchion, legs out straight, top of head on the stanchion. Then lift your toes up and over your head, so that ultimately you are in a shoulder stand, toes/legs on stanchion, neck tucked. Then lower back down the same way.

The only way any of us (except Coach Bo of course who had that little smile on every time he would demonstrate a perfect one) could do this was “piking” up – e.g., breaking at the waist, getting your toes to the stanchion, then pushing your butt “up” so that you ultimately were in the right position. This is one where I wish there was a mirror, because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was . piking up but then never getting their body straight at the top. I tried really hard, but I’m not sure I did it. It reminded me of “Rabbit” in Bikram, in that you wound up with your neck in a REALLY “squished thyroid” position. But I THINK I got myself up totally straight, and I THINK that they weren’t because of this “uncomfortable neck” thing. I measured where my toes were going up the stanchion and I think I did it – but if it comes up again I’m going to have Bo actually push my butt up if I really was NOT getting the position. Coming down, I had to pike, not a chance I could do it “straight.” Everyone else was piking too, because they hadn’t gotten UP straight so there was really no way out except a pike.

I kind of liked this, because it reminded me of an advanced move in pole dancing. In that, you hold onto the pole behind your head (elbows facing out in front of you), and you kick your legs up so that at the end, you’re in a head-down leg hold to a reverse climb. We practiced these in pole dancing similar to the move that we were doing at Crossfit – by lying on the floor and kicking up. I got this move ONCE from standing before I quit – it was SO COOL though! And I NEVER got the “down” out of the move – just never had that kind of ab strength (VERY COOL MOVE, you can see it HERE – though note she’s doing a split leg move down, so she’s not doing the full straight body “down” out. That’s how I used to be able to do it, too.).

So, as I mentioned yesterday, the WOD was 3 parts. First part was:

10 Min EMOM
8 DB Snatch 70/45lb

The funny part was on Tuesday (H’s first day back) we were talking about “moves that were one-sided” (we were discussing his back issues) and he said that he couldn’t think of one in Crossfit that was. I told him no, a snatch was, but “Bo didn’t program them much” – then of course it shows up on Thursday!

Ha ha ha thinking I could do this  at Rx. HELLO have you SEEN a 45lb dumbbell???? I took a 20 lb and a 15 lb to my “corner” – the first 4 rounds I did it with the 20, but then Bo came over to fix my form (always a problem LOL). I don’t “drop under” in the snatch – basically what I was doing was breaking the “straight” part of my arm too early/not using my shoulders, and then instead of using the hips/drop under, just using the hips and up. (Hard to explain.) The problem was, every time I tried to “drop under” it felt SUPER unstable on my shoulder. SO I dropped down to 15 lbs and kept trying it – I just don’t have this move. I think it comes back to my un-squatty-ness. It was frustrating.

A few times when I’d get to 5 (I did 5 on the left, 3 on the right, my right being my “worser” shoulder) I could feel the shoulder start to dislocate and I’d have to swing the weight back forward. I hate that feeling.

There’s gotta be something about having to get the weight “all the way up there” from the floor – if I’m 6’2″, what’s the height with my hand extended, like 7′? – but now that that new guy is in our class and he’s not only over 50 but also like, geez, 6’7″, I just watch him scarecrow up weights and marvel. (His wife is shorter, maybe like 5’7″, but WOW he is tall and skinnnnn-nnnnny!)

Then we did the Tabata shoulder presses. I had my Tabata songs and we did it to that, which was great because I know them all so I KNEW when the 3-2-1-GO was going to come. I could get 1 off before anyone had even realized they had to have the bar back up (LOL). I thought I could use the red bar (Rx/15kg) but I tried it – no dice. So I did the orange bar (10kg). Hey at least it wasn’t the swirly bar (10lb)! I ripped off 12 in the first set and it was downhill from there LOL! I wound up getting 56. That was right in line with everyone else, but they were doing it at Rx.

Oh yeah, then the row sprints. I was exhausted by this time. Ridiculous. H and I shared a rower, and I keep marveling at his technique. I have NO IDEA how he got so good on a rower. He’s rowing at a pace like I used to row when I rowed! Then again, because of his knee, for the past couple months when the WOD has had runs in it, he’s rowed. I think I have to consider doing that, just to work on getting my time down. I just basically ran out of juice. I did the first 1000m sprint at 4:34.4 which is just not that good – he did it in 3:30 which is like ROCK STAR. Then when I did the 2nd sprint, the song was something I could row on the beat if I didn’t push all the way back (or, if of course I’d pushed/pulled FASTER which I didn’t have in me) – think it was Michael Jackson “Billy Jean.” Anyway, I came in at 4:51.5 which SUCKS, and Coach Bo came over and “schooled” me on rowing all the way to straight legs/handle to chest or stomach for a beat, then pull back with the feet – I wasn’t getting to straight knees. I told him that I was rowing to the beat and of course got the patented Coach Bo Stink Eye. Be that as it may, yes, I think I really do have to just add in erg work somehow, maybe before the WOD.

I haven’t been doing ANYTHING but exactly what’s programmed (scaled, of course). I’ve been really tired. I think part of it is that, after those two workshops in a row, my Achilles were KILLING me – which was of course right after 14.3, my poisoning/hospital stay/etc. So during the week of 14.4 and the week of 14.5, I did do the WODs probably 1-2 times/week (besides the Open WOD), but I mainly went and used the roller and cheered people on.

Speaking of the Open, a LOT of our gang made it to Regionals!!! Coach Amanda came in 38th in our Region, which doesn’t surprise anyone of course. The thing that was really sad was that Coach Bo tweaked his back (BoManda is our best competitive team), and so he didn’t even try 14.3 because he just “knew” he would “destroy himself.” So he didn’t even have a full score for the finals. Karen and Rich L both made it (yay!), Coach Bill B., Martin (of course), small Mark (of course), trying to think of who else. I think Ashley isn’t going by like ONE POINT which is SO tragic!! She apparently screwed up in 14.1 (double unders, her nemesis) – which was when I was in Hawaii – but OMG I saw her in all the other WODs and – especially in 14.5 – she has always been a beast but she’s turned into a machine! I felt SO sad about that because of course she, Shari M. and Karen all work out together. Now, granted, of the above (except Amanda), all are Masters (even Ashley) but apparently Ashley is in the “younger Masters” class so she just missed, whereas if she had been a bit older she would have been in. Shari didn’t make it but she’s in the regular group. Bo told me 8 people, so the others are from classes I don’t take. SO exciting!

I asked Rich L about it, and he said that Masters has an extra “in between” sort of “semi-Regionals” that they have to do on tape, BEFORE the Regionals. I found that interesting – apparently there are SO many in the Masters class that they have to do some “in-between” Regional before the Regional to winnow them down more. I think he said that it was going to be “somewhere around the 17th” which would SUCK if it is going to be the 18th to 20th, as H and I are going to be in Calistoga. I promised I would come and shout at them all (except Rich, I’d never shout at Rich, he scares me though he’s NEVER been anything but nice to me). I am REALLY hoping that they have to “do it on” the 17th, then I could be there.

That’s my check in for now. WOD in 50 minutes. And I’m lying on the couch drinking my Bulletproof coffee, in my bathrobe. My shoulder already hurts just thinking about it ;-) If I can get my act together and I don’t have billable work, I’m going to try to get to yoga today – likely the 1:30 bikram, though I MIGHT try to get to the 12:00 Power Yoga since “Coach Joy” mentioned it on GGW as a real body-changer. I’m so sick of my big belly and extra 30 pounds of back fat, thigh fat, etc. that it makes me weep. I’d take a photo, but I don’t want that out in the blog-o-sphere. Endocrinologist DID change up my meds, so I’m going to see whether that affects things. (I have to go and change them out in my “pill holder” – yeah, I’m working towards gramma stage, with my supplements from my nutritionist and the meds, I have to have a “pill holder” for morning AND evening now!)

Aaaaaaaand….I just decided NOT to go to Crossfit! (laugh!) I’m really tired from yesterday, I have a ton of “busywork” (not billable, but LOTS of busywork) to do, and if I’m going to try to go to Power Yoga AND (just remembered) the Post-Open-Party at 4:00 at Silver Peso – I gotta not go. So, so much for that! I HAVE TO START my GiveIt100.com videos again – of course, it’s raining. But that’s what I will put on the list today. That’s Double-Under practice, Tabata situps, Rope Climb work, Handstand work. I can do all but the rope climbs inside if H goes off to breakfast. No ceiling high enough to practice jumping rope except in the living room, where his desk is, where he is doing back-to-back conference calls. Speaking of which, I better get him some coffee ;-)