April 3 (Day 210) – feeling better . . .

Okay, SO!

I’ve discovered (duh) that the deal with me is that I get all “beat up on myself” when I haven’t been able to get out there and work out. Which is REALLY ridiculous to even TYPE (for me) since I (as per my last blog post) really AM the girl who had her father write doctor’s notes so she wouldn’t “have to” do gym class.

I’m back at Crossfit this week – and feel a lot better about “stuff.” Yeah, fine, I’m still heavy. And I can’t do much in Crossfit. But I’m better than I was, so there you go.

I finally got my “gut biome” kit, and you have to keep a 7 day food/exercise log before they will “let you” send in your kit for analysis, so I’m on that . . . and as I surmised, every time that H has an awful day at work, yeah, here we are splitting a bottle of champagne to “take the edge off.” And, sure, I could say “No’ but if I do that, he’ll say no, and he REALLY needs to take that edge off. So there you go.

As a sidebar, yesterday in the MIDDLE of doing dinner, the lights went out (after serious hailstorm the other day) – posted some Instagram photos of it which cracks me up. Coleman is your friend!

But back to what I was talking about . . .

I’ve got a friend who is going to help me “remotely” with Crossfit stuff, which rocks. It’s always a little intimidating to listen to Barbell Shrugged, Girls Gone WOD, reading blogs/tweets/etc., knowing that SQUATTING is still something I can’t do. I can totally SEE if someone is doing something incorrectly, but I personally No Can Do.

That said – I’m doing SO MUCH BETTER than I ever was! And twice this week, Coach Bo even mentioned it to me. (Coach Bo, who is the stoic type and doesn’t say much to anyone.)

Here were the workouts so far this week:
MONDAY: Monday SUCKED . . . I was on my way to 9:00 Crossfit and M called me and said SHE wasn’t going to go, but wanted to meet with me to discuss a new idea she needed to hash out (legal/strategic work, though unbillable). So there I was all dressed for Crossfit, meeting her at a coffee shop, and hey, it was GREAT, but I didn’t get a workout in. THEN, Monday is grocery day, so I was shopping until I BOOKED home, knowing I had some billable work to get out . . . and it took longer than I thought it would – so I wasn’t able to do Bikram. Grrrrrr. (I was done by 1:45 when class starts at 1:30). Then there I was doing my yoga work trade 2:30-5:00 that “pays for” free yoga all week, and I didn’t do yoga (and now it’s Thursday and I haven’t done any ONCE AGAIN). I have in the back of my mind – because Girls Gone WOD mentioned that Power Yoga is a really great way to “change your body” – to try Power Yoga, but I don’t think it will be this week. Maybe next. I’ve always avoided Power Yoga because it has a LOT of moves I can’t do, and the moves change . . . versus Bikram which is the same moves the same way each time (which appeals to me mightily . . . and I can at least GET INTO all the moves).

TUESDAY: This is the day M and I were “supposed” to meet, so I actually DID get to Crossfit because she had to go do something with her daughter (hence her buttonholing me at Crossfit the day before)

part A: 6 Min EMOM
10 Box Jump 24/20″ – I did this on 2 25k plates and nailed them so I have to add a 5k in between’em
10 KBS 1.5/1P I did the orange kettlebell which is one below the red, which is 1 pood.

-My average was having about 18 seconds rest each one – it went from 20′ to 17′. I never reached the “didn’t rest” part. Coach Bo commented that I was not “bounce jumping” (where you take a little hop to get up on the box?) any more which he had coached me to stop – he also said I had a good “end” (e.g., the whole “hip pop” part).

part B: For Time
Run 400M
30 DB Squat Clean 35/25lb ea hand – ok yeah, sure, more on this below
50 Pull Up – did this with the black (85 pound) helper band so that meant I was lifting 100 pounds.
30 DB Squat Clean – like I said….see below
400M Run

-So as for the Squat/Cleans . . . yeah. I tried to do it with 2 10lb DBs, and I couldn’t do it. (I actually brought 2 15 pounders over to my “corner” – ha bloody ha.) I’m now squatting “down to” the corner of the lowest box (what is that, 21″?), but with 20 lbs I kept actually “sitting” on the box. So Coach Bo stopped me, took one away, so I had to “clean” the one 10 lb DB (not from the ground, but like from my thighs) holding on the ends, then squat down “to” the box but just touching it, and back up. O-M-G this was SO HARD. But Coach Bo actually took me aside at the end of the WOD and said how GREAT I was doing – especially given where I started (squatting to the highest box). In fact, I’m actually curious if I was getting close to either horizontal thighs, or maybe even below. (I”m going to have to go measure my calves to see if they are “taller” than 21″). This was pretty embarrassing in a way (though I was over in “my corner”) – because there I am with a 10 pound DB where the other girls have 2 25s, and I’m squatting down to a box, and I’m like grunting . . . oy.

-As for the Pull Ups, gosh it is still SO HARD even with the dang black band. Bo said I could change up my grip – so I was doing it with the pull up grip, the chin up grip, one forward one back . . . yeah, I was doing it all (laugh). The GOOD thing is that I’m on a band now instead of doing “jump up” pull ups from a box – at LEAST.

Yeah don’t forget how long this took, meant to remember but I don’t. If I remember I’ll look at the board tonight.


part A: 4 Rounds Max Reps
90 Sec Burpees
90 Sec Rest

– This was actually fun because we did it in a HUGE circle. This was NOT fun because my total was 39, which is, on average, about what all the OTHER girls in the “circle” were getting each 90 seconds. (Well, not really, but it was, on average, 25. I got one of those “sinker” feelings when Coach Anthony came around on the 4th round and was telling everyone “what number they needed to hit” – at the time my chalk said “29” which was my TOTAL for the first 3 – so he says to me “way to go, you gotta get to 25” and I’m thinking . . . sh*t I am SUCH a LOSER, he thinks that’s been my total per ROUND not my TOTAL-TOTAL! In fact when I told him “39” at the end, he looks at me and says “139?” and I’m all . . . “39 . . . ” S*I*G*H*.) HOWEVER, on the OTHER side of this, Coach Bo was there on the side doing a private and he said to me “Since WHEN are you doing REAL burpees?!?!?” Because of course my doctor said I could NOT do pushups, burpees, and a cast of other things because of my shoulder. I finally got cleared like…well, right before the Games so whenever that was – the Monday of that week. So THAT made me feel good!

part B: For Time – aim to keep times within a second or descending
Run 800M – 4:20
Rest 3 Min
Run 800M – 4:19
Rest 3 Min
Run 800M – 4:17

-So “as usual” I was FAR behind everyone else on the dang 800s, but I have LEARNED that the way to do this is to run the OTHER DIRECTION than everyone else around the buildings. I know that sounds so so stupid, but this way I don’t get “emotional” that I’m just watching their butts go around the 2nd building when I am not even to the end of the 1st. This is SUPER fast for me – once again, Coach Anthony (I love him! Seriously!!) was all “well, you want to be doing this at like 95%” when he was coaching me when I came in on the first one and I, panting, say “Anthony, that was 110% . . . so I guess I slow down, eh?” (he looked a little chagrined – I guess because I did 5 marathons last year I’m supposed to be, um, faster? Yeah well someone has to bring up the BACK of the marathon, too . . .) The good part was I was SUPER steady on the time, which I did anticipate. On my “usual pace” (which is about 12 minutes per mile in a marathon) I am always RIGHT ON my pace from beginning to end in a marathon – which is the reason Vienna was a little scary for me because if I’d been “right on my pace” I would have been chipped. Because I do run/walk, usually 5/2, I had to cut my walk back to 1 minute on the Vienna Marathon to get over the line in time. Because – as I said – my run is always just spot on 12 minutes/mile, regardless. So, Coach Anthony’s comment notwithstanding, I felt I was SMOKIN’ the 800s as that’s like 8-1/2 minutes a mile! (Pat, pat myself on the back.)

part C: Good Mornings
3 x 10

-I did the first set with the orange bar (so that’s 10kg), the second with the red bar (15kg) and the last with the men’s bar (20kg). I have to look at the video online for this because Coach Anthony was talking to Heather about “what should be exercising” in the Good Morning and he was saying quads plus hamstrings, but I thought it was just supposed to be hamstrings, straight back. He was having her bend her knees, and I was doing it straight knees to NOT use quads. So I have to look this up.

THURSDAY (today) – I’ll be going with H during the 6:30pm WOD which will be:

Part A:
10 Min EMOM
8 DB Snatch 70/45lb

Part B: Tabata Shoulder Press 20/15KG – so that’s the red bar, I can do that. Um, I think. (I can PUSH press it for sure . . . )
Part C: Row Sprints
2 x 1000M

OK first of all I gotta bring my iTouch because I have the Tabata Songs on it, which for some reason none of the Coaches have. I think I can do part B at Rx but not sure I can snatch a 45lb. dumbbell. (That’s a bit over 20kg, which might be a pood? As in a red kettlebell? Hm. I might be able to do it)

FRIDAY (tomorrow) – if I don’t have any billable work, I’ll do the 9:00 a.m. Crossfit, then I’d LIKE to try to go to the 1:30 bikram. Then this weekend is “the weekend” meaning – no workout, mostly Honey Do.