“Applications Due by November 7th, 5:00 p.m….”

“…but we could start call backs as soon as November 5th…”

Well, here we go.

They posted the “call” for 2014 TAR: http://www.theamazingracecasting.com/

Need (per the application): (1) photo of each of us (alone); (2) photo together; (3) video – can’t be more than 3 minutes or 30 mb (http://www.theamazingracecasting.com/Video)

Photos alone is easy. My thought on “photo together” is we have one of us on Skype, and the other one holding the computer up next to her face. Video – see previous thoughts – Prashant could put it together fast, we’d just need to give him a script of what we want. He can be sure it’s no more than 3 minutes/30 MB.

The 2014 episode will be filmed “between May and July” of next year. That would give us (from now) about 7 months to be “ready to go.” It would certainly give us extra impetus.

R – are we applying? Even if we do NOT get picked this time, we would be ready (theoretically) for NEXT time. But that’s a LONG time away (a year and a half).


4 thoughts on ““Applications Due by November 7th, 5:00 p.m….”

  1. Why don’t I just come up and we’ll get the photos done at the same time as the video? Sure, I’ll give it a go, it’s just that I will not be in fighting shape, and photos have to be very carefully angled and lit so I don’t look like a tomato.

  2. LAUGH re tomato/lighting. I think that it makes a better “story” if we do the video via Skype. The whole “reason” that we want them to pick us is that we haven’t “met in person that much” in 20 years. I think that a video done via FaceTime or Skype will get that point across MUCH better than “really” doing a video together. Sort of loses our “story impact”

  3. Sandy, they won’t see enough of us in skyping to be able to tell we’re anything but couch potatoes. We can explain our history as pen pals. It’ll be way better if we are not sitting down looking like old ladies.

  4. disagree…let me mock something up. it is 3 mins. btw no the ones tbey show on the beginning of the show are not the submissions there is a section for that. on YouTube check out amazing race submission videos

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