Another Use for Dental Floss…

dental flossNO. This is not going to be a commentary on women’s undies. :-) And if ANY of you can give me a small hint how to make the text wrap around photographs, I would be eternally grateful….

So anyway, I heard the other day on NPR a great way to stop a drippy water faucet (especially in, say, a hotel).  Take unwaxed dental floss, tie it to the end of the faucet, and then string it down into the sink.  The water will follow the floss down, and voila! Stop making that annoying noise.

The other thing I’ve seen folks very cleverly use unwaxed dental floss for is cutting sheet cakes, and even cheese. So this morning (after flossing) I was curious, and hit to see what they had to say.  Under their ‘Clever Uses’ and “MacGuyver Tips’ section, they had some great choices (including the two above). Check them out! My favorite is the “wristwatch survival kit” where the poster suggested using a hollow wristwatch to store dental floss, vitamins, match heads, and the like. Now THAT will take some SERIOUS packing skills!