An “I Refuse To Participate in the Recession” party! (ABC-TV)

Deirdre Sheerin, Executive Director of Image for Success, ABC Producer Janel Andronico, and moiI am just such a ham! View From The Bay, our local San Francisco Bay-area show that’s on the Hour before Oprah, came to my house during a Clothing Swap that I was doing, as outlined in Chapter One of my book.  (You have it, right? So you can just go check it out…right? (wink))

We had a BLAST, and all the clothing that wasn’t taken (which was thousands of dollars worth) went to a charity, Image for Success, that dresses women (and their families) with two weeks’ worth of business and personal clothing. Check it out! 

2 thoughts on “An “I Refuse To Participate in the Recession” party! (ABC-TV)

  1. @Peter B – Dude, of course it would! And let me tell you, invite ME too b/c I would totally use some of your shirts you fashionista, you :-)

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