Syed v. State of Maryland, Memorandum of Opinion II, June 30, 2016 – audio

Adnan_Syed_1998Quick post for a big effort…

I’ve been following the Adnan Syed case since Serial season 1, including follow-on podcasts Undisclosed, Truth & Justice, and Crime Writers On.

I’m a listener, not a reader.

When the judge’s opinion came down last week, I wanted to read it (really I did), but, as I said, not much of a reader.

Then I thought, “You know, I bet I’m not alone.”

So, as a labor of love, as the saying goes, today I pulled up the document, and I read it into my computer.

You can hear drills/hammers/saws from a neighbor’s construction, I lose my place a couple of times, and I’m most definitely not a professional audiologist. (Trolls, please don’t go crazy in the Comments affirming that remark.)

It is saved as a .WAV file, and unfortunately I had to compress it & store it in Dropbox – because it’s a HUGE FILE.

HERE is the link to the Dropbox link where you can download it if you like. You’ll need to press the “DOWNLOAD” button at the top right, then uncompress the file. (Maybe it would be easier to just read it after all heh heh)

And HERE is the copy I read from, in case you want to reference anything.

4 thoughts on “Syed v. State of Maryland, Memorandum of Opinion II, June 30, 2016 – audio

  1. Hey Cameron!
    No, it was SO HUGE of a file that I had to actually “store” it in Dropbox. If you click on the link where it says HERE, it will take you to Dropbox. From there, click “DOWNLOAD” and then it will download the zip file to you – then you can open it and the audio is there. It’s 60 pages’ worth of reading, beware ;-) I probably should have done it in like 10 different “bites” but I just sat down and did it!

  2. Well,I came over to check on you, expecting you ‘got busy’ (which it seems you did, since you had to rush this post and have not written in a month! :-) ).
    I remember this AND I remember the Season 2 case…but I’m already up to my neck following some OTHER stories that don’t match up so I”ll tiptoe away from this one.
    Came over because I’d just come across your early May post over at FE.
    If you have been following this that makes you curious about life and that is a good sign, along with being too busy to blog.


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