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fEmpowerment: The Book & The Podcast

“As an independent, single woman who has travelled the world and set up two businesses, I wondered if a book using a Bond Girl analogy could be helpful to me. If Bond Girls fall heart-first for Bond and then get left in his wake, was that something I could relate to? After a few pages, however, I realised I am what Ms. Shepard calls the ‘quintessential Bond Girl.’ I have run both my businesses for decades with success. I also concentrate on bringing into my life what I passionately desire, and strive to live my best life each and every day. With a best friend style and simple-to-follow steps that inspire you to take action from the first chapter, Ms. Shepard has covered an astonishing number of topics in this easy to read book.

I have visited over 100 countries in the world and I am fascinated with others who have been fortunate to have done the same. I recently enjoyed the book Eat, Pray, Love. Sandy’s book details similar lessons, but gives practical steps for any woman to follow and embody without giving up her job and home, then traveling abroad for a year! As I read each chapter, a vision of various friends appeared on the pages — friends that I knew were having issues in their lives. I felt it would be inappropriate for me to suggest they give themselves an overhaul, but this is the perfect book to pass on to those girlfriends. Sandy’s no-nonsense style gets the point across with no risk to the friendships.”

Just call me “M”, Marin County, CA

“Dear Sandy: My copy of your book arrived just last Friday and I spent the entirety of my weekend glued to it!  I’m sure you’ve received nothing but raves on your piece. (And I intend to add on…) I’ve read a fair share of self-help books over the years, but fEmpowerment speaks to me in a truly unique way.  I’m in a place in my life where I experience waves of confidence and truly believe I do have what it takes to live the Bond Grrl Lifestyle — being a woman of service to others, displaying continual sincerity in all I do, and exuding effortless confidence throughout.  Sometimes, I think I’ve GOT IT.  Yet, I find myself easily swayed or deterred from these surges of empowerment, as a result of negative, self-doubting thoughts, or getting caught in the trap of comparing myself to my peers.  It’s only now, at the age of 23, that I’ve realized how damaging it can be to have self-punishing thoughts as a result of being a perfectionist or wanting to be the absolute best at whatever it is I’m doing — solely determined by others’ reactions or responses to what I say and do. I used to think in terms of what I “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing.

Your book comes to me at the most ideal time, Sandy.  In just the first few pages I flipped through, I knew your book was a blessing in disguise.  You have such a reassuring and motivating way of helping me to calm and ease the self-doubts, and truly OWN the very best qualities I possess, without feeling the need to hide from them or justify them.  I’ve already noticed a drastic change in my outlook toward my friendships (who knew frenemies could be just as bad as enemies, themselves?), work relationships [and not sweating the small stuff], and even in the interactions I have with a brand new JAMES :)  You say you’ve taken the “big sister” approach to writing your blogs; but for me — it’s even better.  It’s like when I start to question myself, I breeze through a chapter in your book and it’s like you’re right there — as a girlfriend, reliable and ready to reassure that I’m on the path that’s right for me.

I loaded your latest podcast onto my iPod earlier this week (I get a little queasy reading on [rapid transit], so it was perfect to have your recording as an alternative!).  And it was remarkable.  I had just finished reading the section of your book on the Bond Grrl “Voice”.  It was tricky to understand what you had meant — until I heard you on the podcast!  For whatever reason, I thought your voice would be slightly higher pitched, but when I heard it on the ‘cast, it totally struck me — you’ve got the “voice” down!  (And I’m sure it’s not even intentional now.) … I just wanted to say Thank You for doing what you do, and Congratulations on ALL you’ve achieved, Solitaire!  I can only imagine this message is one of countless e-mails of its kind that you receive — simply because there’s no doubt in my mind that you have made a significant impact on many womens’ lives JUST by being you, and sending out that same warm encouragement to your readers and listeners every day.

I’ll keep you posted on [my new law firm] career path.  I see some changes in the mix this year ;-), Sending you my very best always!.”

Legal Eagle, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

fEmpowerment: The Coaching

“I am intimately familiar with the extreme value and power of Sandy’s fEmpowerment coaching curricula — I couldn’t recommend her programs more highly! A successful businesswoman and lawyer for well over a decade, Sandy is perfectly poised to help her members with the personal and professional balancing act required of every woman, every day. Her curricula mirrors that balance with an incredible two-for-one benefit – a profit-producing (or stress-reducing and time-enhancing!) process, coupled with a life-enhancing and affirming process, in EVERY session. Her program will escalate your life to a whole new level. If this is the year for you to reach your highest potential, then you owe it to yourself to register for a spot in one of Sandy’s programs. And besides – who couldn’t want to join the only coach in the business who promises to help her members unleash their inner Bond Girls?!”

Tim Paulson, internationally acclaimed coach, and
co-author with Joe Polish of “Piranha Marketing,”
#1 selling Nightingale-Conant Audio Program

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