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. . .About fEmpowerment Podcasts:

Bond Grrl holding bra

A friend told me I had to listen to the Be A Bond Girl podcasts, and she was so right! Sandy’s approach to living a proactive life is fabulous. Through her coaching, I have cleaned out the cobwebs and dead wood in my life, and am filling that space with Purpose. I cannot wait to read her book!

Fatima, Tiznit, Morocco

*****What’s the fun in being James Bond, without the great Bond girls out there? We’ve all seen them: The truly great women who’ve graced our lives, exhibiting charm, elegance, and great confidence, and Sandy Shepard knows what it is that these women possess. Sandy provides step-by-step methods for clearing out the old and ushering in the new, in ways that are simple and practical, and she is always candid. Furthermore, not only does she know what it really takes to be a Bond girl, Sandy also understands the inner workings of men and the interaction of the sexes. Through her personal experiences and observations, she’ll help you crack the code and reveal the secrets to unleash your inner Bond Girl.

Head of Section, BeingJamesBond.com

*****Sandy is very entertaining to listen to, even for us guys! It is obvious she’s passionate about the topics. She has a lot to offer for both sexes. I’m already completely focused on de-cluttering my life after being truly inspired by her “de-cluttering” episode. Sandy, you rock!

Mr. Martini, BehindTheBarShow.com

***** This podcast is really easy and fun listening. Great information — perfect timing for my life. Sandy is interesting to listen to and has great ideas. Can’t wait to unleash my Inner Bond Girl!

Moniana, iTunes review

***** Incredible Host, Incredible Podcast! Sandy is the epitome of a Bond Girl — articulate, well-educated, and full of energy. She provides excellent advice that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life. She is a star waiting to happen!!

DPack, iTunes review

*****Extremely Helpful, For Both Genders! Sandy’s podcast is the perfect complement to the Being James Bond podcast. She helps you get your life organized inside and out, and really gives guys a good look inside the mind of a Bond girl, and who doesn’t want that? 

JimmyO, iTunes review

. . . About fEmpowerment, The Book:

If you really want to learn to harness your core strength as a woman, this book is a must-read. Using the James Bond motif as a model, eminently readable and entertaining, and filled with inspiring quotes from everyone from Eleanor Roosevelt to Henry David Thoreau, this book will help you make a quantum shift in your life. Covering diverse topics from sex to food to work to parenting, Sandy brings a unique passion and energy to this book that is infectious. This, plus her unique experience as a writer, coach, business person, and successful Bond Girl allow her to know from whence she speaks! This book should be your first stop on the road to empowerment.

Nancy Levine, Berkeley, California Author and Photographer

Okay, I’ll be the first guy to post a comment. I have no problem with that. :)

I ordered this book for all my (girl) friends and have received raving reviews from all of them. I even had to sneak a peak at the book to see what it was all about. Sandy’s style of writing is entertaining, informative and just down to earth. Ladies, you’ll definitely want to give this book a read. Guys, you’ll definitely want to buy this book for your “bond grrl.” Trust me!

T. Morrison, San Francisco, California

Sandy’s inspiring book may have been written for a younger crowd, but as a `femme d’un certain age’ I found it a fun and informative read. When I was younger and a newly-hatched feminist I went through an extended period of challenging and competing with every male out there in my personal relationships and in my work. Although there were plenty of good reasons for doing so in those days (although co-owner of a business with my husband, I was always introduced as the wife of the owner, that kind of thing) the changes in my perspective in the here-and-now came about through sometimes painful experience plus the evolution that time brings. I salute all those early fems for the necessary work they did in the old days, paving the way for thinkers/ writers like Shepard but I also think she is right on about celebrating “la difference” between men and women and supporting and honoring the man in your life. It is not giving up or giving in to do so and what possibly could be a more hopeless task than trying to change your man. And if you do succeed you might not like the results! Check out this book for some thought-provoking, serious but often very funny exploration of this subject.

Jude Lutge, Mendocino, California

If you are interested in being the best you can be, Sandy Shepard can guide you through the process. I found this book to be a very down-to-earth, easy to understand guidebook for personal and relationship success. The book is a fun and easy-to-follow resource as she takes you step by step through the process. Take the challenge together with your friends and you’re likely to have more fun and even greater success. This book is a wise and helpful resource for a well thought out program.

Sherri Powers, Irvine, California

The author has a funny, engaging, and doable approach to helping “superwomen” become that much more “super.” Her personal experiences are amazing and certainly inform her recommendations, but her techniques are approachable for all. This is a paper version of “You go, girlfriend!” that all women should get for those who inspired us, or who need a little extra inspiration. It’s irreverent and accessible and an easy and fun read. And, best of all, if you accomplish even one of the (very attainable) goals, the title alone makes you feel worth of Ursula Andress/Halle Berry (pick your era!) status.

Heather Fedeli, Esq., San Francisco, California

Buying this book for your favorite ‘Bond girl’ is really like a gift for the both of you! Not only is the book an injection of pure self-confidence for your Bond girl, but it’s loaded with great insights about what men are looking for in women! Also, many the lessons are universal, so it’s an enjoyable read for men as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and will be grabbing a copy for my next Bond Girl!

(Mr.) J. Darlington, Northern New Jersey

I love many things about this book:

1. I feel like it speaks directly to me – I’m a woman in her mid-30s whose biggest fear in life is living a Groundhog Day-like existence. This book reminded me that opportunities to tap into my passion are everywhere, all the time – it’s about being present and feeding myself more of what I love and less of what I don’t.

2. It has prompted me to get off my booty and start taking small (practical and do-able) steps to take a giant lunge out of a big rut I’ve been in for the past year. The ripple effect across my life and inside of me (especially in my self-confidence) has been amazing.

3. The author has a refreshingly down-to-earth voice – I feel like she’s one of my girlfriends – funny, candid, smart, insightful.

4. It’s an easy read – you pick it up and don’t want to put it down. And you can readily digest the information and start acting on it immediately, which is the critical part. What’s the point of reading a book about self-empowerment if you’re not inspired to do something now for yourself?

L.A. Collins, Marin, California

This is a book for every woman who really wants to be the best that they can be! The author is brilliant, funny and inspiring. After reading this, I had a new list of things I wanted to accomplish and her goal-setting techniques are a great tool. From decluttering your life to discovering your true passion, and really enjoying the man in your life, this is a great read!

S. Prescott, “Marketing Pro,” San Francisco Bay Area

I liked it… and I’m a guy!! I know Sandy, the author, and heard about the book as she was writing it, but felt it was only for women. I bought a copy for my daughter, thumbed through it and suddenly realized it was loaded with great advice, guidance and ideas for anyone. Naturally, it’s more slanted to a female audience, but I think it’s a wealth of great information.

Guys should buy a copy for every woman they know. They’ll be grateful you did!

R. Schroeder, San Francisco, California

Ms. Shepard’s new book brought insight into the mind of woman and their ability to enhance the world around them. I would definitely recommend this book to any woman who wishes to empower herself.

Shane Miller, Santa Rosa, California

This book was an excellent read. It is so long overdue. Sandy Shepard goes where other people are afraid to go and flat out lays it on the line. Every woman in America and even women everywhere need to read this book and become a Bond Girl. We owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be so we can “really” be there for others!! This is one book I will re-read over and over. There is nothing better than a serious read on a much needed topic with a lot of good humor. And your James doesn’t have to be a guy for this to be awesomely applicable.

L.J. Lesher, Scottsdale, Arizona

This book teaches women of all ages how to love themselves in a practical, sexy, fun, and creative way. Living a life that everyone wants to imitate. After reading this book you and your James will see just how passionate you really are.

M Roddy, Chicago, Illinois

My copy of your book arrived just last Friday and I spent the entirety of my weekend glued to it! I’ve read a fair share of self-help books over the years, but fEmpowerment speaks to me in a truly unique way. I’m in a place in my life where I experience waves of confidence and truly believe I do have what it takes to live the Bond Grrl Lifestyle — being a woman of service to others, displaying continual sincerity in all I do, and exuding effortless confidence throughout. Sometimes, I think I’ve GOT IT. Yet, I find myself easily swayed or deterred from these surges of empowerment, as a result of negative, self-doubting thoughts, or getting caught in the trap of comparing myself to my peers. It’s only now, at the age of 23, that I’ve realized how damaging it can be to have self-punishing thoughts as a result of being a perfectionist or wanting to be the absolute best at whatever it is I’m doing — solely determined by others’ reactions or responses to what I say and do. I used to think in terms of what I “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing…. You have such a reassuring and motivating way of helping me to calm and ease the self-doubts, and truly OWN the very best qualities I possess, without feeling the need to hide from them or justify them. I’ve already noticed a drastic change in my outlook toward my friendships (who knew frenemies could be just as bad as enemies, themselves?), work relationships (and not sweating the small stuff), and even in the interactions I have with a brand new JAMES :) …when I start to question myself, I breeze through a chapter in your book and it’s like you’re right there — as a girlfriend, reliable and ready to reassure that I’m on the path that’s right for me…. (read full quote here… )

Legal Eagle, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

. . . About fEmpowerment Seminars:

Bond Grrl on mission with gun

I feel inspired to venture further (comfortably) into my sex life with my husband. This was very tasteful.

Married In My Thirties, Rohnert Park, CA

Very encouraging and safe atmosphere.

The Quiet One, Petaluma, CA

It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect to my passion and sexuality and it was fun.

Married 30 Years And Counting, Petaluma, CA

Helpful, interesting, fun! Informational. Thanks for your joy and ease with sharing.

Sexy Grandma, Santa Rosa, CA

Sex is fabulous and no one should ever be uncomfortable about it!

Single, Twenties, and Lovin’ It, Upland, CA

Very informative, helpful and sexy.

Davis Co-Ed, Davis, CA

Very insightful and creative . . . Gave me a lot to think about!

Sorority Sister, Davis, CA

It was AWESOME!! I loved it!! Thank you!

College Grrl, Davis, CA

Very informative and much less awkward than I expected! Thanks!

Staying Safe ‘Til Marriage, La Canada, CA

This class got me in touch with my inner sexpot.

Sixty Is Just The Beginning, Sausalito, CA

Enjoy your curves and release your moves to the one you love — yourself and your man.

Curvy New Explorer, Santa Rosa, CA

Interesting, fun, helpful, joyful and erotic!

Marin Not-So-Matronly, Kentfield, CA

The Bond Girl Metaphor

Let’s face it. James Bond, net/net, is a government employee! The Bond Girls from the ever-popular James Bond movies and Ian Fleming novels live in the exotic locales that Bond merely drops into (on a government expense account, no less). They run their own businesses, live awesome lives, and often resourcefully help Bond get out of a jam. They are ordinary women rising to meet extraordinary circumstances. fEmpowerment coaching will help coax out your inner Bond Grrl. By changing your life for the better, the world will change for the better. And that’s our mission: To build a better world… one Bond Grrl at a time.

Meet Some Bond Grrls:

Bond Grrl in miniskirt

Bond Grrl Name

Melodic Orchid (I lived in Asia for 10+ years; this is my Chinese name on my business card!) – a/k/a “Moe”

Geographic Location

St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Professional Life

Global Accounts Manager (responsible for 4 large multi-national accounts accounting for a large industrial adhesive supplier—active in sales & sales management for international industrial multi-nationals for 20+ years)

Marital Status, Age, & Income Level

Married, no kids, 46, income level…let’s just say, highest tax bracket.

What did you “discover” or “uncover” through fEmpowerment seminar(s) or reading the book?

A new appreciation for my “James” and taking ownership of myself, my life and my actions (great advice on clothes and even sex…last chapter!)

Testimonial Quote

Sandra Shepard alias Solitaire helps you to become a better woman with tricks o’ the trade and practical advice that your mother SHOULD have told you but maybe she did and you forgot. Sandra helps with practical advice (how to keep a clean closet) to simple yet effective techniques to keep the flames of a relationship burning. I loved this book and hope to implement the advice as part of my New Year’s resolutions.

Bond Grrl Name

Patent Leather

Geographic Location

San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Professional Life

Executive in an Internet Start-up after Years as an Executive in a Fortune 10 Company

Marital Status, Age, & Income Level

Happily married, Mother of an adorable but rambunctious young son, 40s, $200K+

What did you “discover” or “uncover” through fEmpowerment seminar(s) or reading the book?

I don’t have to apologize for being a woman. I was repressing my sexuality and this book helped me see that I was holding back and helped me to celebrate my femininity. I am a happy successful executive, but felt something missing. I learned that I was repressing my inner goddess. Unleashing her was life altering. I am happier, more confident, have more energy to give to my family. My hips swivel when I walk. I feel feminine.

Testimonial Quote

You don’t need permission to be a woman. Sandy helped me take charge of my life.

Bond Grrl Name


Geographic Location

Chicago, Illinois

Professional/Personal Life

Accountant, Loving Mom and greatest Grrlfriend ever!

Marital Status, Age, & Income Level

Single mother of a nearly teenage daughter, 30, $35,000-55,000

What did you “discover” or “uncover” in my seminar(s) or reading the book?

That being # 1 at being # 2 to my James can lead me to be a loving, supportive partner – and to have one, too!

Testimonial Quote

Sandy’s coaching has helped me to see the beauty in myself and recognize the greatness in my James.

Reclining Bond Grrl

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