A Valentine for Yourself

Bond Grrl Valentine

This Bond Grrl coupon is a gift to yourself on Valentine’s Day. You know that being a Bond Grrl is (among other things) about being loving and supportive to your James. Being a Bond Grrl is also about discovering and creating your best self. If for whatever reason this Valentine’s Day will be spent without a James, it’s a great opportunity to support and enjoy yourself. As you become fEmpowered, you are choosing your image—deciding which parts of You you love and want to keep, and which parts you will help to fade away.

As discussed in Chapter 3 of the book, one of the best ways to “try on” your new image is via your new Bond Grrl name. Once you have your new name, think of some ways you can enhance, demonstrate, and celebrate that name. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to support, love, and cherish your best Bond Grrl self by enjoying a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by candles, cleaning out your lingerie drawer until only those panties worthy of Bond Grrl status remain, dining with your closest Bond Grrl friends and/or enhancing your Bond Grrl image using some of the exercises or techniques discussed in Chapter 3.

Take a few moments to think about what you can do with and for yourself. Once you know, print out this page on a color printer and fill it in. Then cut it out and present it to yourself. Enjoy! And have a happy Valentine’s Day.