A Valentine for Your James

Valentine Card for your James

You know by now that being a Bond Girl is (among other things) about being loving and supportive of your James. When your James feels your support, he can be more comfortable showing you his softer, supportive side. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to implement some of your favorite and perhaps newly uncovered ways to celebrate, love and support your James (or that special someone).

What you do could involve anything from whispering in his ear, giving him a tender and/or sexy massage, asking about and listening intently to his feelings and concerns, sharing a fun and sexy evening feeding each other your favorite foods, or jetting off to some exotic locale. What would you do or say to convey to him that he is loved and cherished, special, sexy and luscious? Take a few moments to think about what you can do to convey your feelings while celebrating your James. Then print out the card below and fill it in. Present it to your James on Valentine’s Day (or any day).