My New Suitor, Plus Another Iron Weekend

This is my new suitor. Handsome, isn’t he? Well, he comes with a story.

Wednesday, I was working quietly up in my office – which is pretty much on the 3rd floor of our house, on top of a very steep hill (our house is only 2 stories, but you have to get up a flight of stairs to get to the front door – so from the front it looks like 3). My computer screen actually is right up against the window, looking out onto the valley. The roof directly outside the window is VERY STEEP. Quietly working, working, tap, tap, tap of my fingers on the computer keys, and then – BLAM! – this grotesque monster (come on, that’s a scary face if you’re not prepared) sticks his face up to the window – GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!!! (Click here to hear what it sounds like)

Surprised me so badly I backed the chair away from the desk and rolled over the dog’s tail (sorry, Jake!) Then I realized it was – A TURKEY. And started laughing. And laughing. And laughing. We are in the SUBURBS for goodness’ sake! What the HECK? I went to get the camera, and by the time I came back up, he was gone.

So THEN, the next evening, I was back late from the gym and grocery shopping – H wasn’t home – and I came up the (dark) driveway to the (darker) stairs that lead to the house and then porch. Our front door has an “overhang” above it that juts out about 1/2 the distance of the porch – so it’s even darker under there. I was looking into my purse to try to find the house keys, standing on the porch, right under the eaves of the overhang.

OK, I don’t know how he did it, without me hearing scrabbling of little claws or anything, but the turkey stuck his head over the eaves (he was up on the overhang) and loudly GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLEd at me. Again, startled me so badly I took a step backwards – thank goodness there was more porch or I would have been down the stairs. This was becoming something out of a movie.

(I got the photo above on Friday, when he was hangin’ out, looking studly.)

I came home Saturday and now my suitor has ANOTHER male, and a female, that are hanging out with him – on our back property. Now, I have to tell you, turkeys make a LOT of “mess’ and let’s leave it at that. My 14 year old border collie gave me a “oh please no” look but I shooed him up to herd them off the property – which he did. Well, sort of. They flew up into our neighbors trees. I have more photos from yesterday too (they’re still in the camera). The “turkey gang” were up in our daffodil patch, which looked pretty, until of course, they started eating the flowers.

Back to my IronTeam report. Today we are doing a bike marker, and don’t have to be there until the civilized time of 9:30 a.m.  H wants to get a ride in too (don’t forget, I signed him up for the Napa Wine Country Century) so he’s going to come as well. It’s only a 17 mile or so ride, but at least it’s something. (Who just wrote that? ONLY a 17 mile ride. Who am I becoming??? Laugh!) Followed by a brick Run, of course. I told Margaret that if she comes, to bring her husband Bob, and maybe Bob and H can hang while we are doing our thing.

Yesterday was Run and Swim Marker day. I actually did pretty well on the Run. We were to do a 5K at “the highest pace we could go.” I was running with/around Marina most of the time – we are pretty much the same pace. My first mile split was 10:40, then I actually got a second wind. I had been behind Marina and slowly pulled past her – and my second mile was a blistering (for me) 8:54. We were running in the “biggest” lanes (because the track was crowded) so Simon actually had us do 11.5 laps instead of 12…so my first and second miles were probably a little MORE than a mile and the third a little LESS. I think that I finished at 30 minute-something – Simon will have the total time for us some time this week and I will fix it here. That’s the fastest I have EVER run. My general time is about 12 minutes per mile. Woot Woot!

Carol and Me in the Pool

After the run, we got into the pool for our Swim Marker. I was in the lane with Carol (IronWu). I had read on BK’s blog that they had “bonked heads” on the Open Water swim, and so when we split the lane, I was extra conscious about not drifting over!!  We were to do a Marker of 2,000 yards, negative splitting the 2nd 1,000. I did it in a bit over 43 minutes – which increased my projected 2.4 mile time from 85 minutes to 91 minutes (100 yard pace went from 2:01 last marker to 2:10). That’s a little scary, since we need to do the doggone thing in 90 minutes – though the last marker was 1,000 yards and this was 2,000 (twice as far). I was able to negative split the 2nd 1,000 (5:28 v. 5:17), but I felt spacey and as if I was going too hard. When I finished, she said that for the first 1,000 I had had very regular times on my 100s (“Probably the most regular I have ever seen, it’s kind of amazing” she said), and we discussed how I felt the first 1,000 versus the second 1,000. In the first, I had felt pretty good, just “getting the job done.” In the 2nd, I had felt a little spacey, and not that great. I am not sure whether it was trying to speed up, or what. Sedonia said to actually try to keep it at the time I did the first 1,000 in because I had such a regular pace – and that the difference was pretty much nothing (“You can lose 5 minutes in a bad potty stop off the bike, so getting your time down 5 minutes and not feeling great when you finish isn’t really worth it.”) I had been careful to fully hydrate during the run (finished off 1.5 bottles of Accellerade plus a thing of Clif Shot blocks), but I cramped up on my calf during part of the Swim, and had an odd cramp that ran all the way from my groin down the inside of my leg, to my foot at one point when I pushed off, which freaked me out. I figured I somehow (swimming!) had pulled something BIG. But I didn’t feel it after I got out of the pool, so it must have been an odd anomaly.

synchronized drowning - that's me, middle right.

After our Marker sets, Sedonia had us split into 2 groups. The 2 groups were then further split to the 2 ends of a lane. The “game” was for the first swimmer to swim down the lane, and “pick up” the 2nd swimmer, who had to hold onto the first and swim back, pick up the 3rd who had to “hold on” and so on. Marina, an AMAZING swimmer, was our “locomotive.” She swam down and picked up Josh (who is also an amazing swimmer). Josh held onto her leg. I was 3rd – I held onto her 2nd leg. Then we picked up Chris, and I had him hold onto my left leg (which I don’t kick – I have that “left handed scissor” kick). Then we finally picked up Heather – she held onto Josh’s leg. I was very conscious of trying not to DROWN Marina during the process! It was pretty funny and I’m sure even more hilarious to watch from the Pool Deck. I could feel Chris “re-arranging his grip” on my leg a few times – when we finished, Jen and Sedonia were laughing, because apparently for part of the time Chris was just on his back, kicking, being pulled along. (Hence his hand feeling a bit “odd” on my leg – it was because instead of being “on top of” my leg his hand was under it, with him on his back.)

After the swim, it was into the gym for some Strength training, then Merla had brought some swag from former teams to sell. One of the gals teased that it was the perfect 3 disciplines for the Tri – Run, Swim, Shop!

The day had started out VERY rainy, but wound up being gorgeous by the end. I wore some of the new Pearl Izumi kit that Brent (Allison’s husband) had gotten for me. The jacket in particular was the bomb. I was very warm and – ta DA! – waterproof (what a concept). Back home, and H was working on the new studio, so I got a few hours to actually curl up with our new book club book, The Girl Who Played With Fire (follow-on to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – fantastic books).

Then woken up this morning at about 5:00 a.m. by – THE TURKEYS! Oy! Interestingly, they’re gone now (it’s 7:30 a.m.) – so it could be that they mistakenly think that they are roosters! Gotta figure out a way to make that stop!

I will try to continue adding a “You Know You’re Iron When…” at the bottom of posts (after the big list the other day) – because it seems that every day has one! This is the one from yesterday:

You Know You’re Iron When…

…You describe your 4 hour run/swim/strength team workout day to your husband as ‘Yeah, an awesome, totally short workout.’