I forgot! My favorite story from yesterday!

Thank goodness I send myself little cryptic notes on email!

In my “update” on the last post, I forgot my FAVORITE thing that happened yesterday! After I left the Team Training, I called H and he asked if I’d like him to take me out for my “Second Breakfast” (yes, me and the hobbits). I said I’d meet him at our favorite diner.

This is the same diner that we went to last week after the Team Training. Last week, after we ordered, we had to wait a while for the food (coffee is plentiful, food is good…service is slow). I had a real blood sugar low/sick feeling because of it. So, as soon as I sat down (in my wet hair, baseball cap, sweats, big Ugg boots and long swim parka), I figured out what I wanted to eat. When the waitress came up to pour me some coffee, I figured I’d get the toast up front to stave off the blood sugar low. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Would you mind bringing me some rye toast and butter while I’m waiting for my husband? I was just working out and I don’t think I should wait that long to get something in my stomach.”

She (no other patrons, feeling chatty): “Sure, no worries! It’s rainy out there – what were you doing?”

Me: “I was actually out swimming for a little over an hour up at IVC.”

She (gasping at the “enormity” of “so much exercise”): “Oh my GRACIOUS honey! You must be RAVISHING!”

Yup, that’s what she said. I smiled all day at that one. That’s me. Ravishing. :-)

3 thoughts on “I forgot! My favorite story from yesterday!

  1. Ravishing … famished. Hmmmm. If I try really, really hard, I might be able to see a similarity. Hahahahaha! That was funny as all get out. I love it. That being said, aren’t ALL Bond girls ravishing?!

  2. No – ravenous! :-) :-) Funny you’re the second one to say “famished.” I’m sure she meant “ravenous”

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